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Striga Earrings

This set of lovely earrings with teardrop pendants match the style of the brooch of our Striga Ensemble for G3F and G8F.
The base and pendants of the earrings can be moved separately, so the jewelry can be fit to virtually any head shape.

Featured in this render is the lovely Athana by DarwinsMishap.
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Thank you - these are beautiful.
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You're welcome :)
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:love: Perfect with the golden glitters.
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I simply love Athana. Had to try the metallic flakes on her!
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I tried them too, but it came out a sort of oily-golden statue, lol. :D
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Yep, the flakes are... flakey *lol*
Maybe I could try to save the flakes as a partial material preset and send them to you.
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That would be amazing.
More than for a direct usage would be helpful to understand the settings for an effective result.
My experiments ended up in oily or, worse, solid weird gold.
I actually tried different colrs of metallic flakes, yet the final look is everything but nice to look at. :XD:

I am noticing that you used the flakes on the hair as well, nice classy touch. ;)
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It is also on her lashes and eyebrows (I used the fibermesh brows of Victoria).
That took some fiddling with the values of flakes size and distribution because the texture maps had different ratio. But I absolutely love the result .)

I'll see that I can extract the settings after I am done with my tests with dForce - working on the new webinar session for Saturday *g*
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They're very pretty and a lovely add-on. :)
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Thank you! I'm happy you like them :)
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