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Kosuzu Writes a Fanfic
~Magical Girl Warrior Kosuzu and the Forces of Darkness~
~Author's Note~
Hello there, my lovelies! Welcome to the next chapter of my story, Magical Girl Warrior Kosuzu and the Forces of Darkness! Sorry it took so long, real life's been pretty hard to handle this week... ;^^
And just to be clear, this chapter comes with a bowstring warning for sexual violence. Read it carefully if that's a problem for you, or don't read it at all if that's a big problem for you... And also, I'm really sorry you had to go through whatever it was. Stay strong. We all believe in you!
ParadiseMaiden: I'm sorry, I really don't know what you mean about me "ruining your character" and "reducing you to a whining damsel in distress" ;^^ Maybe you could give me a breakdown of what I'm doing wrong?
RainbowMage: Wow, you really liked the last fight scene that much?! 0_0 YIPPEE! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! You don't know how much it means to me hearing you say t
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How-To Guides of Lunatic Kingdom
~How-To Guides of Lunatic Kingdom~
Seiran's guide to military discipline:
1. Always greet your commanding officer with a cheerful "Good morning, ma'am! It's such a lovely day for violence and mayhem!"
2. Keep your clothes clean and tidy. Make sure your dress is properly ironed and your tights are soft and free from holes, and polish your cute little buckle-shoes every morning. Keep your sword clean, too, and try not to put too many stickers on your gun.
3. Take care of your body. Eat plenty of carrots, do plenty of exercise, take regular baths and shave diligently.
4. Try to work as a team and make sure none of your squadmates feel left out. Be friendly and polite. Don't use your rank as an excuse to bully people, but at the same time treat your superiors with respect; they're trying to do a job, after all.
5. If a Lunarian insists on calling you "Flopsy" and gushing over how cute your
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She's Been Doing This for Twenty Years, After All
~She's Been Doing This for Twenty Years, After All~
A cool breeze wafted over the Hakurei Shrine, rustling the paper tassels over the decking. Reimu was shivering in her flimsy dress, but she knew she'd get too hot with a vest underneath. What could she do? She was trapped in an inescapable quandary.
"Wait a minute!" cried Reimu. "Why am I just sitting around here feeling sorry for myself?! I control my own destiny!"
Exploding with newfound liveliness, Reimu leapt to her feet. A small part of her spine went click.
"Aaaaaaaaargh!" shrieked Reimu, flopping back down again. She realised with a sinking heart that she was going to be there until someone brought her tea.
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Kosuzu's Grand Tour
~Kosuzu's Grand Tour~
Oh, hello there! Are you here for the tour?
Great! I'm Kosuzu, by the way. I work in the book-lenders, which we'll get to during the tour. Is everyone ready? Perfect! Follow me, everybody, and try to look human!
All righty. On your left, you should be seeing a house, and on the right there should be another house. This is a pretty typical road; we have lots of roads just like this one in the village, although a few of them lead to bigger houses with gardens and stuff.
What? The shopping district? We're in it, actually! A lot of us run small businesses out of our houses. Look, there's the hairdresser, right there! Shuri and Chichiro do the best side ponytails in the world!
Yes, as I was saying, most of the villagers can't afford to buy a shop, so they turn their homes into sort of half-shops. My parents are lucky; they inherited a house with two floors, so we can use the whole ground floor for books!
And now, here's the town square! This is where w
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Ultrawoman Half-Pint
~Fight! Ultrawoman Half-Pint vs Counterattacking Amanojaku~
"Seija, are you sure she's going to be okay with this?"
"Of course I'm sure. Now shut up, will you?"
The amanojaku and her reluctant companion crept through the endless crimson corridors. Dull orange flames from a seemingly endless row of torches cast twisted shadows on the walls either side of them. Kogasa felt like they were walking down the throat of some terrible monster, and sooner or later they were sure to plummet helplessly into its stomach.
"I know you had that letter from Patchouli, but... Well, why are we sneaking in so early?" Kogasa clung timidly to her umbrella as they crept along. "And since when did Patchouli write back to front? And why did we break into the craft room and steal a bucket of glue? And why did-"
Seija stopped dead in her tracks. Kogasa ploughed right into her, getting a faceful of greasy hair for the trouble.
"What is your problem, woman?!" Seija snapped, rounding on her dazed c
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Kasen's Great Battle: Defy the Crabs from Hell
~Kasen's Great Battle: Defy the Crabs from Hell~
It was a normal day in Gensokyo.
"Reimu! Good golly, Reimu, you've gotta see this!" Marisa burst into the Hakurei Shrine, carrying a large reddish-brown crab in a bucket. It had four long, spindly legs, four rather shorter legs and a pair of heavy pincers.
Draped languidly over her kotatsu like a human doily, Reimu groaned and rubbed her eyes. "Marisa, I'm trying to sleep..."
(Like I said, it was a normal day in Gensokyo.)
"Come on, you can sleep later! Just look at this crab!" insisted Marisa, shoving the bucket right in Reimu's face.
Reimu yelped at the sudden close-up of its eyestalks and jagged mandibles. "G-get that away from me!" she screamed, leaping up and clinging to a couple of wooden beams in the ceiling.
Marisa burst out laughing. "Reimu, you've fought the goddess of Hell! You've tussled with Yuuka, Shinki, Sariel, even Eiki! You're not scared of one little crab?!"
"...No! Of course not!" said Reimu huffily.
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The Great Holy War on the Water
~The Great Holy War on the Water~
"Oh, for flip's sake! For the love of mackerel! I cannot TAKE this any more!"
Miko's fist struck the table, making the crowd of porcelain dishes tremble and clatter. Tojiko yelped as her scrambled eggs went flying.
"I am sick and tired," said Miko furiously, "of losing to Byakuren and her goody-two-shoes Budhhist collective every single time. She has an oil-powered bicycle, spells to make herself stronger and faster, an entire flying ship... We can't let this continue!"
"But what can we do?" said Futo glumly. "Mine own boat cannot fly, nor have we a single motorised velocipede... Alack, our one metal trolley hath no engine. And even on foot, the accursed false saint Byakuren wouldst trounce us..."
"It's just not fair! Why can't we be the ones with the cuddly yamabiko and the massive ship and the ghost with a ladle and the-"
"THAT'S IT!" Tojiko leapt to her tails with both arms raised in a spirited double fist-pump. "The Palanquin's so
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A Peaceful Sleep Delayed by Twelve Hours
~A Good Night's Sleep Delayed by Twelve Hours~
"That was exhausting..." said Shou, yawning loudly and expansively. "But it was so much fun!"
"Good times, eh?" grinned Captain Murasa. "I'm so tired I could just curl up and die, and I'm still happy."
Byakuren nodded wearily. "That was our best concert yet!" she cried, her voice hoarse from hours of use.
"Yeah. I couldn't really hear your sutras over all the bullets going everywhere, but the crowd loved it!" Minamitsu smiled wearily, leaning on her anchor. She slowly toppled sideways until, with a mighty crash, she fell on top of the forty-kilogramme metal monstrosity. She was snoring seconds later.
Kyouko, by contrast, was still hopping up and down, radiating joy and energy. "I loved it! A whole night of sutra readings and danmaku duels?! Awesome! I feel so alive!"
"And at peace with nature, I presume?" said Byakuren, smiling knowingly.
"I'm peace with partying all night long!" squeaked Kyouko. "I feel like I could... Ke
:iconaardvark1998:Aardvark1998 3 2
Attack on Watermelon
~Attack on Watermelon~
“Oi, Tenshi! Are you home?!”
“Urf…” Tenshi slowly pried her eyelids apart and immediately wished she hadn’t. Drinking all night while the other Celestials recited poetry and ignored her completely always took it out of her. “More or less… Who are you?”
“It'sh me, of courshe!” Suika hiccupped loudly. “Your mum'sh planning a, like, a short of noh play, an’ she wanted you for the thingy, the heroine'sh companion-”
“Tell her to go kill herself.” Tenshi buried her head under the pillow and tried to get back to her dream. Let’s see, Sakuya was just about to serve the roast ox-
“Come on, lazhy-bonesh, get up!” A small, pudgy hand grasped Tenshi by the forearm. Before she could react, she was being swung wildly above Suika’s head, crying out in pain as her skin stretched and her arm popped out of its socket.
“That'sh more like it!
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Fun in the Artificial Sun
~Fun in the Artificial Sun~
"A picnic, Utsuho?"
"Mm-hmm!" Decked out in a wide, floppy hat and an adorable yellow pinafore, clutching her laden picnic basket to her chest, Utsuho was the very picture of an eager beaver. "We both have the afternoon off, so why not?"
"Why not indeed? I'm sure it would be very good fun." Satori neglected to mention that she hardly ever had any afternoons on; most of her time was spent snuggling with her pets, making sure they were doing their jobs properly and dipping into her sizeable manga collection. "Where are you going to have this picnic, though?"
"On the beach, right next to the Blazing Fires!" said Utsuho breezily.
Satori choked on her plum wine. "It-it's a more than fifty degrees down there! I'd never survive! Are you sure you don't want to go somewhere cooler?"
Utsuho's face fell. "You're not coming? I know a really nice patch of obsidian we could sit on. It's barely hot enough to melt chocolate, and there's a lovely breeze from
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~Magical Girl Warrior Kosuzu and the Forces of Darkness~

~Author's Note~

Hello there, my lovelies! Welcome to the next chapter of my story, Magical Girl Warrior Kosuzu and the Forces of Darkness! Sorry it took so long, real life's been pretty hard to handle this week... ;^^

And just to be clear, this chapter comes with a bowstring warning for sexual violence. Read it carefully if that's a problem for you, or don't read it at all if that's a big problem for you... And also, I'm really sorry you had to go through whatever it was. Stay strong. We all believe in you!

ParadiseMaiden: I'm sorry, I really don't know what you mean about me "ruining your character" and "reducing you to a whining damsel in distress" ;^^ Maybe you could give me a breakdown of what I'm doing wrong?
RainbowMage: Wow, you really liked the last fight scene that much?! 0_0 YIPPEE! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! You don't know how much it means to me hearing you say that. I put extra fighting in this chaper just for you!
Xx_scarletcutiepie_xX: Thank you, and you're welcome! I know a lot of people weren't expecting him to make a cameo, but what the heck! It made your day!
Faith_and_Anime: For the last time, if Suwako losing against Combat Butler Hayate is against your religion, that's your problem. At the end of the day, I'm just not as devout as you, and you can't force me to be. I don't want to hear another review complaining about it, all right??? -_-
AWESUMGIRL999: Um, what? Could you maybe try speaking Japanese next time, please? ;^^
Windgodgirl1337: Thanks! :D I've already written this chapter, but I'll try to make the next one longer. Good things come to those who wait!

Keep those reviews coming, you wonderful people! They really make my day. And now, here's the next chapter!

~Chapter 12: The Revenge of the Fortune-Teller~

Kosuzu strode bravely through the town square. All the villagers' eyes were upon her, full of awe and amazement, because they'd been without hope for so long until she rekindled it.

The Fortune-Teller sneered down at Kosuzu as she approached. "Is this it?" he laughed sneeringly, "Is this Gensokyo's greatest heroine?! I could crush her head in one hand!"

"I'm not afraid of you, Fortune-Teller!" declared Kosuzu, glaring defiantly up at the Fortune-Teller, "Or should I say... Akuma Mirashi?!"

The townsfolk all gasped at the reveal of the Fortune-Teller's name!

"How did you find my real name?!" cried the Fortune-Teller, who was looking a little rattled.

"Reimu told me. Oh, didn't I mention she was still alive? It took me hours of work, but I nursed her back to health!" said Kosuzu proudly.

"Impossible!" spluttered the Fortune-Teller, "You will die like the rest of them, and then I shall annihilate Reimu and your precious chronicler!"

Kosuzu gasped horrifiedly. "What have you done to my precious Akyuu?!" she cried.

"I raped her!" declared the Fortune-Teller maniacally!

The villagers gasped in horror!

"Grr... How dare you?!" screamed Kosuzu furiously, unsheathing her Devine Staff. (A/N: Her staff wasn't technically in a sheath, but it's the only good word I know for what she did with it ;^^) "In the name of peace and justice, I swear to make you pay!"

"Then come and get me!" bellowed the Fortune-Teller readying his Dark Spell-Cards!

Kosuzu leapt up into the air and did her transformation sequence. (See Chapter 2) She spread her sparkly azure wings and charged at the Fortune-Teller!

The Fortune-Teller used Darkness Sign: Web of Annihilation! Suddenly, hundreds of fine threads of pure Shadow were filling the air, forcing Kosuzu to slow down and weave through them. She'd fallen into the Fortune-Teller's trap!

"You've fallen into my trap, you fool!" laughed the Fortune-Teller evilly, "Take this! Black Heart Sign: Evisceration of the Stars!"

A thousand bolts of purplish-black Evilness with pink highlights leapt from the Fortune-Teller's fingers! Kosuzu gasped and dove back out of the way, but suddenly, the threads of pure Shadow wrapped around her wings and held her tight! The bolts of Evilness thwacked into her, scarring her skin wherever they hit and making her cry out in pain!

"Oh, golly..." whimpered Kosuzu, "I'm at the end of my strength! I... I can't do it..."

"No, Kosuzu, don't give up!"

What was that voice?! Kosuzu looked curiously around, although her vision was too blurry to see much.

"It's me, Akyuu!" said the voice. Kosuzu realised that the voice was coming from within her own heart! "You mustn't give up, my brave angel. Don't let him get away with making us all miserable!"

"Oh, Akyuu..." Kosuzu bravely clenched her fist, "I'll never give up, do you hear me?! Never! Spark Sign: Rainbow of Love!"

Kosuzu shot a bright rainbow from her Staff, knocking the the Fortune-Teller clean off his feet! She broke free of the threads of pure Shadow and sprinted after him!

"Wh-what is this?! No-one can beat me!" wailed the Fortune-Teller. "Well, guess what, girl?! Two can play at not giving up! Rage sign: Ocean of Hatred!"

Suddenly, the ground under Kosuzu's feet turned into boiling crimson blood! She yelped and flew away, barely in time to avoid getting her feet burned!

"That was a mean trick, Akuma," said Kosuzu angrily, flying towards him, "I'll teach you! Fantasy Sign: Sweet Dreams of a Bright Future!"

An Orb of light formed in Kosuzu's free hand. Shouting a fierce battle-cry, she threw it in the Fortune-teller's hideous face!

"Nooooooooo!" howled the Fortune-Teller. Before he could react, his head exploded!

"Oh, my days..." whimpered Kosuzu, who was now covered in bits of the fortune-teller's brain!

The villagers all cheered!

"Three cheers for Kosuzu!" declared Keine, dancing with hapiness.

"She's the greatest!" shouted Tadashi. (A/N: He owns the inn.)

"Oh, come on, it was the least I could do," said Kosuzu humbly, blushing like a ripe peach, "I couldn't let him hurt any of you! This village means so much to me! But... Has anyone seen Akyuu?"

"Why, yes! As a matter of fact I was the one who washed her once Akuma was finished with her!"

Kosuzu gasped and turned around. Coming up from behind her was none other than the evil Youkai from the Night Parade Scroll!


That's it for chapter 12! I really hope you liked it; I get a lot of reviews telling me to "try harder" or "stop writing like a seven-year-old" or "grow the hell up" or "just save us all some time and effort and kill yourself", and I really am trying, I swear! >.< I made sure Kosuzu didn't just win effortlessly this time, so it can't be that bad, right?

Akuma: I hated it!

Me: Well, noone asked you!

Akuma: Oh, you've done it now... (grabs Dark Spell-Cards)

Me: Eek! 0_0

I'm doomed... Anyways, that was an amazing cliffhanger, though! I hope you're all on the edge of your seats for what comes next! I can't promise anything, but I'm going to try and get it out in time for Tanabata. I love getting reviews, so please keep them coming!

In the mean time, this is Kosuzu Motoori signing out. Peace, love and waffles to each and every one of you! ^.^
Kosuzu Writes a Fanfic
The prompt for day twenty-five of the Gensokyo Festival was "fan works", so I did a fan-work-within-a-fanwork. By Kosuzu. This is not an insult to teenage girls; at the end of the day, Kosuzu had fun writing it, her friends had fun reading it, and she'll have learned a lot by the time she finishes the novel. Sure, she doesn't have the best writing style or much experience coming up with good plots, but she's a beginner. It's to be expected. So give her encouragement and constructive criticism, not contempt, and support young writers who are just finding their feet.
Good evening, everybody. I've decided to make one of these.

How to Use this Meme

  • Everybody relates to Touhou in a slightly different way, which means we all see our favourite characters in different lights. The open-ended way ZUN tends to write means that some characters, such as Reimu and Nitori, have dozens of equally likely personalities.
  • The questions in this filly-outy journal thing are about which character behaves a certain way or has a particular quirk. For each question, give the character or characters you think best match the thing the question asks, and feel free to talk about why.
  • For preference, spread the meme around to your friends by tagging some of them. Copy the questions and the How to Use section into your own journal, and of course answer the questions. Don't pressure anybody into doing it, though. It's just for fun.
  • My answers to all the questions are below the questions. You don't need to copy them. The raw questions will show up in the comments area.
  • The tag could easily work for something other than Touhou if you change the wording a little. Feel free to use it for a different franchise, your OCs or anything.


1) Which Touhou likes to take her food apart and/or eat it in a strange way?
Sekibanki. Sometimes, just for a laugh, she feeds each ingredient to a different head.

2) Which character would be most likely to fall for a pyramid scheme?
The Three Fairies. They'd think it was a jolly good lark.

2.5) Who started the scheme and why is it Jo'on?
Probably Mamizou.

3) Apart from Kyouko, which character would be the first to shout "ECHO!" or something when she's in a large cave?

4) Which character is a complete fashion disaster, but in a cool way?
Without a shadow of a doubt, Flandre. She's happy to wear teddy-bear pyjamas, a ballerina's outfit or rainbow-coloured everything. Sumireko also has shades of fashion disasterhood when she's not going all-in with the purple; her casual clothes make liberal use of braces, tartan slacks, colourful blouses and lots of Sailor Moon memorabilia.

5) Which character would love to go dancing in a beautiful dress?
Alice, who has been known to daydream about her fairytale wedding with Marisa.

6) Who stubbornly refuses to eat any kind of vegetable?
Shou, for reasons of being a tiger.

7) Which one would be the last to notice if her shoes had been replaced with dead fish?
Minoriko. She hardly ever wears them, so it stands to reason that she wouldn't notice.

8) Which Touhou loves jumping in piles of autumn leaves?

9) Which character always insists on playing devil's advocate?
It would be cheating just to say "Hecatia's lawyer", so, um... Mima. She claims she enjoys free and open debates with no topic off-limits, but she really just likes annoying people.

10) If there were any buses in Gensokyo, which character would always remember to thank the bus driver?
Sanae, of course! She's a good girl.

10.5) Who would drive the bus?
Reimu, who needs the money.

11) Which character takes pride in having an awful personality?
Yukari. She isn't exactly awful, but she knows how much she annoys people and intimidates them, and she thinks it's epic.

12) Which character is lovely to everyone, but never gets any appreciation?
Nazrin does a huge amount of work at Myouren Temple, as well as looking after Shou and making sure she knows where to find her pagoda on an unofficial basis. A lot of the disciples don't even know her name.

13) Which Touhou is always cold, even in the height of summer?
Utsuho. She spent her whole life deep underground, and coping with the cold is completely new to her.
    Edit: What the mackerel was I thinking? She has the bloody Yatagarasu inside her! I mean, the very idea of Utsuho feeling the cold is just... What the ACTUAL MACKEREL was I thinking?! She's-! She's got-! Aaaaargh!
    (clears throat) Well. I have to change my answer now, don't I? Okay, let's go with, um... Satori! Because she doesn't go to many cold places. Utsuho and Rin would give her plenty of warm hugs if necessary, though.

14) Which Touhou is always warm, even in the depths of winter?
Sanae, thanks to her incredible metabolism.

15) Which character likes dancing in the rain?
Um, again, Sanae. Probably Kogasa, too.

16) Which character is always forgetting things at the worst possible time?
Cirno can remember next to nothing. This is normal for fairies, but since she's taken to resolving Incidents lately, it's only a matter of time until her forgetfulness costs somebody's life.

17) Who is always worried about getting ill, to the point that she won't even go near somebody with a cold?

18) As and when Gensokyo gets decent wi-fi, which character would be the first to start a Youtube channel? Sumireko doesn't count, since she already has internet access in the Outside World.
Kanako would jump on the chance to get more faith from around the world. Suwako and Sanae would get roped in, of course.

18.5) What would it be about?
Anything and everything that gets views. Gaming, toy reviews, make-up tutorials... You name it, Kanako would film it.

19) Which of our intrepid heroines thinks it might actually be kind of fun to be caught in a landslide?

20) Here's a fun one. In your mind, which character is most different from her canon portrayal, and how?
Probably Sumireko. In canon, she seems to be an arrogant teenager who thinks she knows everything, whereas I've somehow made her into a wholesome, playful, friendly girl who loves roller-blading and spending time with her friends.

21) Which character likes to cover her girlfriend's eyes from behind and say "Guess who!"?
Hecatia does that to Junko fairly often.

21.5) Who's the girlfriend? Does she like it, or is it just annoying?
As I said, she does it to Junko. Junko thinks it's kind of endearing.

22) What character would be extremely sneery about children who play Fortnite?
The canon version of Sumireko probably would, but in my head it's more likely to be Marisa's dad. Because he's an idiot and nobody likes him.

23) Which character is least likely to ever shave her body?

23.5) Which character is most likely to judge her for not shaving?

24) Which Touhou is most likely to get really into life-hacks?
Kosuzu. She'd probably borrow Sumireko's phone and find a whole bunch of life-hacks on Instagram, then get into all sorts of hilarious jams while she tries them out.

25) What Touhou puts on a brave, cheerful and/or confident facade, despite the fact that she's suffering inside?
I've written about Marisa's inner demons before, but for the purposes of this question, I'm going to go with Tenshi. Think about it. She was taken to heaven in her early teens and thrust into a world where nobody acknowledges her existence, everyone is happy with what she perceives as an extremely boring life. She wants to have fun and cause chaos, sure, but deep down inside, I think Tenshi just wants somebody to care about her.

26) Which character would buy dozens of books and then just leave them lying around while she reads her favourite book for the fiftieth time?

26.5) ...It's Kosuzu, isn't it? Has to be. Sorry, that one was kind of obvious.
...Um, yes. Apology accepted.

27) What's your favourite unusual ship?
Sanae and Youmu.

28) Which Touhou would sacrifice her life to protect her friends without even hesitating?
Reisen. She still feels guilty over running away from the moon, so she would probably sacrifice herself out of guilt.

29) Do you think any of the Touhous like men? If so, which ones?
Only Meira is straight. Reimu just so happens to have a huge crush on her, which is awkward to say the least. Ran, Tojiko, Junko, Kogasa and a few others are bisexual, and all the fairies are asexual.

30) Which character would be most into doing tags on Deviantart?

30.5) Who would she tag?
  • Kanako (who would think it was a waste of time),
  • Suwako (who would give a joke answer for every question),
  • Youmu (who would actually answer it, but only tag Yuyuko),
  • Marisa (whose answers would be complete guesswork),
  • Reimu (who would be annoyed but do the meme anyway out of boredom),
  • Sakuya (who would write an intelligent, well thought-out answer for every question and publish them within the hour, only for Patchouli to discover that the first letter of each answer spells out a very saucy message about Meiling's bloomers).


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I'm an amateur writer and Walfas-comic-doer who hopes some day to make stories the entire world can enjoy. I've always loved stories, both creating them and enjoying them in a wide variety of forms, and I'm always trying to hone my skills and/or have a laugh.

I also care deeply about equality, so expect to see many different kinds of people in any original works I write. And just to be clear, I'm probably going to make more than just Touhou fanworks.

Here's my page:

My Tumblr page:

And my Archive of our Own profile:…

And my almost-professional blog about a British children's gameshow which involved virtual creatures doing various challenges, which seemed like magic when I first saw it: rememberingbamzooki.wordpress.…

I Heart Touhou Music Stamp by CyclopsHime Touhou project support stamp by Demire Touhou stamp yeahhh by LuckyHaruAnimu-Squig
The Nitori's Wagon Stamp by AsyrafFile Futatsuiwa from Sado by Youkai-Minori hong meiling by touhoustamps
STAMP: Aya Shameimaru by mobbostamps Order of the Stick stamp by MythicPhoenix Touhou Stamp: ZUN's Art by snowflake247
STAMP: Reimu Hakurei by mobbostamps Touhou Project Stamp by AlikaRibbon Hong Meiling Stamp by Starryskystorm
Cirno Stamp by CarrotsAndCucumbers Aya Shameimaru Fan Stamp by Captain-Chompers Sanae Kochiya stamp by Zerebos
Love-Colored Master Spark by Youkai-Minori Boot To The Head Stamp by kreedantillesordo They're Not the Only Aspects Of Japanese Culture! by Mintaka-TK
Illusionary Joururi by Youkai-Minori [SWR STAMPS] Kirisame Magic Shop - Marisa Kirisame by Jiji-stamps-n-stuff [SWR STAMPS] Youkai Mountain - Aya Shameimaru by Jiji-stamps-n-stuff
[SWR STAMPS] Hakurei Shrine - Reimu Hakurei by Jiji-stamps-n-stuff [SWR STAMPS] Hisouten - Tenshi Hinanai by Jiji-stamps-n-stuff [SWR STAMPS] Netherworld - Youmu Konpaku by Jiji-stamps-n-stuff
[SWR STAMPS] S.D.M. Clock Tower - Sakuya Izayoi by Jiji-stamps-n-stuff Nausicaa Stamp by Juliet-Shmooliet Nausicaa Stamp by TwilightProwler
Cells at work stamp by SketchyOwlet Metal Slug Defense Stamp by captainfranko Star Wars by Flobelebelebobele
Starbound Stamp by Firey-Flamy Saturday Night Live Stamp by dA--bogeyman Touhou-Shanghai Stamp by GattaForte

All Love Is Equal Stamp by Turtledove21 Favorite Character Stamp 2 by Stamp221 Role models by Akhnaton-II
There's nothing wrong about them .:Female:. by RoliStamps More Than Fanservice Stamp by Spikytastic Nothing wrong with them .:Male:. by RoliStamps
Feminism Stamp by FireFlea-San For The Most Part, Can't We Live and Let Live? by Mintaka-TK Boys and girls: They can like what they like by RoliStamps
Being girly by Akanes-Stamps


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