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Tutorial - Coloring grayscale images

So this is totally out of the blue!

I mentioned doing this tutorial over 9000 years ago, but never got around to it. So since I made a portrait, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to finally write this down since it's easier to explain this on a simple portrait than it is to explain on a fullblown illustration.
It's really not a tutorial, per say, but rather how I personally go from grayscale to color and what layer modes I use to achieve my usual look for characters.
This is a very experimental way to color- there are no presets, no numbers I can give you, you have to try it out and see what works best for your images!

Hope this helps someone ;P

Finished image: Poisoned - Sebastian by Aaraujo and the same character's fullbody concept art: Poisoned - Sebastian 2 by Aaraujo

Other art by me:
Commish - Cover for Gina Streator by Aaraujo Commish - Cover by Aaraujo WoW - Night Elf Arcanist by Aaraujo LoL - Nami by Aaraujo

Other tutorials by me:
<da:thumb id="254637055"> +Hair Tutorial+ by Aaraujo +Blood Tutorial+ Photoshop CS3 by Aaraujo
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Just found this and it explains a lot thank you.
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No problem! I'm glad it helps!
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THIS help me a lot. thank you !!Heart 
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You're welcome! I'm glad it helped!
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Thank you very much. This tutorial seems easy enough to understand, so I will surely try to apply the things I've read here to colour this painting I'm working on. I really had no idea how to do this...
Aaraujo's avatar
Oh, you're welcome!
I'll be curious to see the result afterwards if you'd like to show ;)
Roksiel's avatar
I'll be sure to do so once I finish it, which won't be very soon, knowing my speed when it comes to drawing stuff for other people. I'm not very good at it. :XD:
Aaraujo's avatar
Cool :D I'll look forward to it o>
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Wow, parts 2 and 3 were new information for me. It all makes sense now! Thanks! :D
Aaraujo's avatar
I keep hearing that regarding '2' and now I'm very glad I didn't leave it out hahaha
You're welcome! Hope it helps! =)
Aaraujo's avatar
I'm happy to hear that =)
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Hope it helps =)
twocupsofbancha's avatar
Thank you thank you thaaaaaank you for this! MAINLY for that enlightening 2nd step, I felt like I just had a heavenly epiphany 'cause damn gurl values be hard. And I usually did the exact opposite thinking that high contrast was the answer.

Peraí, eu acabei de notar que dá para trocar o idioma. Mas então, muito obrigada, viu? Já deu um gás na vontade de desenhar!~ Você é muito talentosa, parabéns! Sucesso para você!~ <3
Aaraujo's avatar
You're veeeeerry welcome ;P
And to think I was going to leave step 2 out, eh? hahah a few people brought it up, so I'm glad it helps!

E eu tb acabei de notar só no meio do comentário que o resto era em português kkkkkk XDD
De nada! :D
E pois é, fica longe de pretos-muito-pretos e brancos-muito-brancos no seu grayscale e tudo vai dá certo! Espero que o tutorial ajude ;)
twocupsofbancha's avatar
(Ai, desculpa a demora para responder)
Nossa, ajuda muito! Pahahahaha, brigadíssima! XD
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Thank you for the very informative and concise tutorial!
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You're welcome! I hope it comes in handy!
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Really useful and helpful tutorial, thank you!
Aaraujo's avatar
I'm glad you think so! Hope it helps!
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I am so dense. Part 2 never even occurred to me and I just couldn't figure out why nothing ever came out when I tried to color it. Thank you so much for this tutorial!
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Part 2 only ever occurred to me after over 9000 attempts at coloring grayscale images .-.
You are not alone, my friend.
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