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The Queen of Arzallum



A character from the Brazilian book called "Dragons of Ether".
The main chars from this book are kinda based off fairy tales and the story is so cool *_*

This is the queen of Arzallum, her name is "Branca Coração-de-Neve" which means 'Snowheart White'. Obviously she is the counterpart of Snow White in this story =D

There was no ref whatsoever (gave up that bad bad habit long ago lmao) but I did look at a bunch o queens picture to choose which era I'd make her dress (the author doesn't specify which century this is set in or anything).

I had a great time drawing this! And though it was a pain in the @$$ having to do every single effing detail of her effing dress, I really enjoyed making them! For a second I thought about getting at least the patterns from stock, but then I decided to do them by hand along the way. It' actually really fun making gold and gems *_*. Lace on the other hand ¬¬ is absolutely annoying!! I really can't stand making lace anymore u.u""

I spent so many hours on this that I'm not sure, I just know that I've been working on and off for the past 4 days. It's without a doubt the most detailed drawing I've ever made hahaha. My hand says so XD

This is another gift to the book's writer, Raphael Draccon ;)

Other characters from Dragons of Ether:
[link] Her Husband, King Anisio
[link] Head of the Royal Guard
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Beautiful, makes me wonder how women back then fit through doorways with these dresses on xD