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Poisoned - Sebastian 2



I've been wanting to draw this kid's fullbody concept forEVAH. And hopefully you can see why ;P
It's not terribly exciting, since he's not a cyborg/robot or anything; he's just a regular person with prosthetics on and I didn't want to stray too much from the limbs we have on the market today. This story is sorta sci-fi-ish (it's not set on earth, and the people in it aren't actually human), so I could have gone crazy with the robotic stuff, but I didn't want to get rid of Sebastian's mobility struggles since it's a huge part of the story. A lot of (most of??) the time, people in movies/comics/books/etc who have artificial limbs can operate them *exactly* like a person with natural limbs, so they pretty much just have normal limbs that happen to look cool aaaand I didn't want that.
The plot of this story is pretty large and I'm not going to get into that now, but as for the character himself, he's basically a feral child ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feral_ch… hint: it doesn't mean raised by wolves hah) that's rescued after 20-something years in captivity and slowly goes through the process of integrating himself into society. He's part of a very large group of people who were bred into a type of "slavery" because of [reasons too long to explain] - it was very common for these people to have their limbs cut off so they couldn't escape. In Sebastian's case, his legs end just over his knees and his arms end just over his wrist. The end!
This is, as you can probably tell, the same character from the portrait: Poisoned - Sebastian by Aaraujo but his hair is different and he doesn't have freckles, cause this concept was of when he was still in the hospital as a ward of the state.
It is, in fact, the continuation of that drawing ;P
When I got out of work today, I was still full of energy, so what better way to spend it then drawing one of my babies? :3
Around 3~ hours.

Edit: messed with his arms a bit- the previous symmetry was bothering me .-.

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Even without reading the story, I already feel for this character. ;-;

I like your choice of prosthetics. I also agree with what you said. I prefer a more realistic approach when it comes to most stuff in stories.