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hey y'all, sorry for the lack of updates this past couple of weeks.  not like i ever post anything decent anymore considering it's always just shitty doodles of equally shitty ocs.
i'm hoping to upload some doodles in the near future internet is now only via iPhone hotspot and lemme tell you.....there's no way THAT'S gonna let me upload an image file LMFAO.

quick comissions
anyway, here's the story!  i just moved into a new apartment and could use some extra cash to help pay for my cat's dePAWsit so she can live with me.  so i'll be offering some quick, full-color, waist-up sketch commissions for $5 each to help me get her in here.  if you can't afford one, that's chill. : )  totally understand!  though if you know of anyone who may be interested or wanna help me out - sharing this is useful!

if you're interested, either comment on this journal, message me or send me an email ( and we'll talk about your commission request!

* i'm not in a DIRE need of this money to get her in here, so if you wanna do an art trade too, let me know! 

art instagram
so i know some people love instagram and i've made a lil account to post art on.  most likely it'll just be traditional sketches and things but, we'll see.
if you wanna follow me on there, it's @araliaaarts.  
let me know if you have an art insta and i'll follow you back! :heart:
come check out Voltra Online!

It just opened for Beta, so we're still working out some bugs.  But drop on by, say hey, make some friends and help this little community grow! :heart:
So I have a Wacom tablet that I bought a couple years ago and literally never it's probably been used twice?  Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you wonderful people are in need of a tablet!
It's an Intuous Pen and Touch (the dimensions are 8.25 x 7.0 x 0.4 inches or 210 x 178 x 10 mm).

If you're interested, just leave me a comment!  I'll be posting this on my tumblr as well, so if I get multiple people who are interested I'll likely just draw a random name and send it off to whoever gets drawn I guess. :> I'll keep this "open" for about a week then message whoever gets randomly selected. So if you or any friends are interested in a free tablet, let me know! ✌️
so i'm always in need of money, but also want to get some points for a core membership.  so i'm offering some cheap little commissions here. :>
normandy - commission by aaralia sabien - commission by aaralia lilith - commission by aaralia gemsonas by aaralia

PM me or leave a comment if interested!