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December 1, 2009
The suggester says: ''This piece is worthy of being a Daily Deviation because not only is it an outstanding work of art but it also shows a great deal about the artist -- what is important to them and how they've gotten to where they are. I love this piece for it's awesome use of color and because I could look at the custom typeface for days; everything is executed perfectly and it is aesthetically spot on. There is nothing I don't like about this piece!'' RokkHard by ~aanoi
Featured by Sander-Seto
Suggested by wormoart
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WOOOOO. This was soooooooo much fun. It was so intense working on this. I've wanted to perfect this so many time before(I've never posted the failures) But i think i got it! I'll be trying this a lot more.

The type came from an experimentaly typeface i was working on it. though it supposed it's more custom typography/calligraphy in a way.. It's not really usable as a font font.

Show the project some love(Appreciate) on Behance! It's lonely over there. [link]

Anyway, RokkHard :]!

EDIT: Wow! My second Daily Deviation! :D Thank you to everyone who favorited! And Hi to all my new followers! :]
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Retro badassery! Fav
Muzickjunki91's avatar
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Congrats on the DD ! :)
Realm-Of-The-Shadows's avatar
it'd make a good secret code XD
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WOW - Daily Deviation. Congratulations.
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Wow dude, awesome work!
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oldschool power.
Cameron-Schuyler's avatar
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Great work on this! Very creative text design! :D :D
pastforms666's avatar
i have no idea what it says but it's awesome regardless...
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Wow supab oldskull!
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Amazing stuff! I'm wondering myself, how did you create the background ? Coz i'm stuck on one of my creation ([link]), and i wanted to do something like this. So, if you may help me for it ! :)
CommanderEVE's avatar
I love the text! Awesome! keep up the good work!
MelyannaM's avatar
It has that awesome 80s look that I love so much :heart:
SoroLogin55's avatar
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DUDE! grats on the DD!
i freaked out lol. looked down... damn that looks like a piece aanoi did... o shit. lol

well deserving, honestly ive been surprised u havnt gotten one before
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WOW i love love LOVE this!!! It needs to be on a tshirt or a skateboard or something!
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i love it :heart: !
very nice job.
how did you create the galaxy ?
BatmanWithBunnyEars's avatar
I absolutely love the gold luster effects, the contrast with the rich purple shades, and the perfectly executed lightning. The star-like streakes radiating from the lettering were a nice touch as well, giving a sense of relativistically fast movement through space. I just have one complaint: I coulndn't read it. Not even after comparing it to title. :work:
ThePirateBat's avatar
i couldnt figure it out either but then i looked at the whole thing. it says rokk (it might say 'hard' too idk) if you look at it as one big word instead of the yellower and purpler parts being different. hope it helps c:
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