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I really love 80's motion graphcis but since i'm the suck at motion, i decided to do what i do best! I really love the feeling of this. I wanted the old VHS/bad tv look.

Anyway! hope you like. I still haven't posted the other 3d text piece i keep talking about..
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I need tutorial and I need it ASAP.
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woooow! this is exactly what i want to do. any tutorials?
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The blur is a bit problematic for me... but still really great :)
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that is totally old school and well done !
(a bit too much ? :))
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I just love em disco glitter
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Looks real nice, you've captured that vibe really well.
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i absolutely love the type! what program did you use for it?
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Illustrator to render it! But i used photoshop to color it and make it look like it does now!
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wow illustrator! you must have used the perspective tool or something then.. i would have thought you used cinema 4d or something
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Haha yeah i was thinking about using Cinema4D but I'm terrible in it so i did what i knew :]
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i just experimented with illy right now.. man.. never knew how powerful the 3d tool was.. i used it.. but i never saw the perspective option.. silly me.. haha great work as usual man!
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I want to look it more than I have, but I don't want glasses.

Well done.

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i really love this oldschool powa style,but maybe like this, it's too much dirty..
blur and some details, uhm, i don't know.

Try to do something more clean, maybe in the next piece, great technique.

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Love it. Simply just love it.
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