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Sin City-wall

By Aamukaksi
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Well, it's not really a stencil piece, but that was the nearest possible category... uhms.

A client of mine wanted to have a Sin City-themed painting on his livingroom so made him one. Original artwork is by Frank Miller (much respect) and it features his Marv-character.

The piece is roughly 5m wide, 1m high and is done entirely with spray paint. Took me some 9 hours to do it.
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May 17, 2007, 8:20:50 PM
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Uh yeah ! Pretty cool !
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Nice work man............ love the clean lines and simple block colour............
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Thanks. Paintings like this are actually pretty simple to do (while somewhat labour intensive). Most of the credit should go to the original artist behind the character. ^_^
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When you say 'paintings like this' - what technique did you use for such crisp lines? Did you use any stencils or tape around edges? Also what's the medium? Would love to know. Thanks and awesome work!
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I projected the image to the wall (it doesn't really matter how you do it - I tend to use an old school overhead projector) which I had covered with contact plastic (the stuff used to protect school book covers from tearing, for an example). After that I just cut out the image with an x-acto knife and applied spray paint. The base (the black area of the painting) was done with regular house / roller paint and the white and the red areas with spray paint.

It's fairly simple to do, really. These days I don't use contact plastic anymore though. It's a bit hard to cut and the glue sticks to many surfaces way better than I really need or want it to. There's a better alternative; car masking tape. You can get pretty wide rolls of it (the ones I currently use are ~10" wide) and while it's more expensive than contact plastic (which is dirt cheap) the amount of trouble saved by using it makes it worth every penny.

Let me know if you need more help.
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Thanks for the tips!
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Damn, that's a cool painting to have in the living room xD
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Thanks. Frank Miller is one hell of an artist.
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composition and color are both great
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Nice! Where did you find the original? Would love it without the cropping over the head!
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Original was provided by my dear friend Google Images. :)
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Törmäsin tähän blogissasi. Todella hyvää jälkeä pienellä vaivalla. :thumbsup:
Omista spraymaali-seikkailuista ja muustakin seinämaalauksista on jo pitkä tovi, mutta nyt tuli ikäänkuin "tilaus" kaverin uusiin liiketiloihin.
Kerroppa siis, onko tuo kontaktimuovi paras vaihtoehto sabluunaksi? Lähteekö irroittaessa myös maalia mukana?
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Kontaktimuovi on parhaimmillaan mattapohjamaalatuilla betoniseinillä, jotka eivät ole aivan tasaiset. Kiiltäviin maaleihin ja tasaisiin pintoihin muovi tuppaa tarraamaan kiinni tautisella voimalla ja se tietty aiheuttaa helposti harmaita hiuksia. Kontaktimuovejakin tosin on monilta valmistajilta ja joidenkin merkkien liima on taiteiluystävällisempää.

Jos kuitenkin haluat olla varma ettet aiheuta tuhoa, niin kannattaa kysyä jostain autotarvikeliikkeestä autojen maalauksen yhteydessä käytettävää maskausmuovia. Se lähtee kivemmin irti. :)
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Kiitoksia näistä :)
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Helvetin hieno!
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Helvetin hieno!
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Nice art :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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that looks really great man wow
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