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No War - june 2010 by Aamukaksi No War - june 2010 by Aamukaksi
Yesterday a local newspaper "Keski-Uusimaa" wanted to interview me a little for an article about our legal graffiti wall. I thought that Palestine deserved support and Israel deserved some slapping around but didn't really have the time to make a decent sketch - so, I made kind of a street style "No War"-piece. I'm probably going to use the same theme again for a more detailed piece (WITH LESS COLORS).

No war. Israel must be a nation with the shortest memory in human history. A nation of people that suffered a horrible tragedy in the hands of other people some 70 years ago. Now they're doing the same themselves. That just fucking blows my mind - almost as much as the fact that the rest of the world is just sitting back, relaxing and not doing a damn thing about it. This is my little protest.
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Hermione75 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So you think you know the whole story, do you?
Aamukaksi Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Professional General Artist
No, I don't. Apparently you do though since you've come to post wiseass comments under my work.
Hermione75 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
not wiseass more...understated see [link]
Aamukaksi Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Professional General Artist
Your response is provide me with a link to site that is built and maintained by Israel and is full of "facts" provided by your side? Am I getting this right?

...and you wonder why the world isn't buying it. Shees.
Hermione75 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes because why confuse you with hard to read ha?
Aamukaksi Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Professional General Artist
Actually I enjoy reading very much. I'll just rather have independent sources like this [link] instead of propaganda.
Hermione75 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist that was good, it is a newspaper with an agenda. The web site I sent you is non governmental it is an independent group of good people
Aamukaksi Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Professional General Artist
So, you're seriously suggesting that The Guardian, a british newspaper founded in 1821, is indeed pro-Hamas and shouldn't be trusted?

At the same time you a suggesting that I should instead trust a mysterious source that shows no sign of displaying more than the Israeli side of the story?

Please do correct me if I'm not getting something.
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Pigz-n-Zen Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Damn strong statement. The use of the F-bomb may be too much for some folks, much like the Israeli propaganda minister below. I'm not going to get into a philosophical debate, but I think they didn't hear your statement clearly enough.

Art is a great medium for invoking visceral response, and I'm glad for that.

At times, I would have to say I'm not very proud to be American. However, if say... Uganda decided to come and start building houses and moving my neighbors out and bulldozing our parks for new developments I would be pissed! I would protest! And if that didn't work, and the International community chose to look the other way, then I would rebel. I would fire rockets, set up road side bombs, conduct guerrilla tactics and make life difficult for that occupying nation.

When a people, whoever they may be, have little to nothing; feel that what little they have is being taken away, it is a human response to fight for what they feel is right. I believe the true Islamic people are getting a bad rap from the small radical minority. I'm mean, have you actually read the Koran? I find more genocide in the Bible by comparison.

Answer, quit moving in and building shit. Loosen the movements of Palestinian peoples. Look at yourselves and your history. Don't go around spouting a bunch of Govt. sponsored propaganda.

I choose not to listen to the bullshit that my Govt. spews out on a daily basis because thats all it is. Bullshit. America is a great country, the problem with it is the people in charge, and the bleating sheep who put them into positions of authority. We have no business policing the world. Thats the U.N.'s job.

All in all, great job. You got at least 2 people stirred up with your artistic statement. To that I say good job and thanks.
Aamukaksi Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thanks for your comment. I pretty much sums up my thoughts about the whole issue.

Like I said to the "Israeli propaganda minister" I'm a man of peace. That means I do not support or encourage violence to resolve anything in this world because I don't believe anything can be solved by violence - it just leads to making people angry and anger builds into hate if you keep stomping on people's feet time after time.

I do not like or accept the actions (like the rocket fire) palestinians are taking but I do understand why they're doing that. They're functioning like humans tend to function after they've been terrorized long enough and fight back with whatever they have. "Naturally" Israel has to punish someone and so they'll probably bulldoze, bomb or shoot some Hamas fighters... or by bystanders, like the case often is. Just a couple of years back Israeli troops bombed an UN post (that had been in the same exact spot for decades) into oblivion and a Finnish officer was killed. It's vicious fucking cycle and it really needs to be stopped right here and now because "an eye for an eye makes everyone blind" and saying so isn't being naive. It's being realistic.
yvasseira Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010
Report from the State of Israel to inform the Knesset of Gaza Activities:

I. Introduction:

1. Since Hamas seized power in the Gaza Strip, it has politically institutionalized radical Islam in Gaza. Hamas, supported and funded by Iran, denies Israel’s right to exist and continues to build up its weapons
stockpiles so as to continue attacking the Israeli civilian population.

Since 2010, 140 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

2. Hamas uses all means available to smuggle weaponry into Gaza.

Whether they are using smuggling tunnels or fisherman boats, Hamas is constantly trying to smuggle in missiles, launchers, guns, explosives and materials for building weapons.

3. IDF operations in the Gaza Strip, including the maritime closure and crossing restrictions, arise from the need to maintain the safety of the citizens of Israel from the terrorist threat in the Gaza Strip and to prevent weapons smuggling.

4. The Ministry of Defense and the IDF allow the crossing of goods and equipment in a routine and frequent manner, and enables the transfer of people for medical, religious, welfare, business or diplomatic reasons.

5. This summary provides facts and figures, which contravene the claim of a “humanitarian crisis” in the Gaza Strip.

II. Food Products and Clothing:

1. Most types of food are allowed into the Strip, and are transferred by the private sector or by international organizations.

2. During 2009, 30,920 trucks containing 800,000 tons of supplies were transferred into Gaza. This included fruits and vegetables, meat products, poultry and fish, dairy products, sugar, rice and legumes, flour and yeast,

oil, and more. Furthermore, 10,871 heads of cattle were transferred for the Muslim holidays of Ramadan and Eid al-Adha.

3. In the first quarter of 2010 (January-March), 94,500 tons of supplies were transferred in 3,676 trucks to the Strip: 48,000 tons of food products; 40,000 tons of wheat; 2,760 tons of rice; 1,987 tons of clothes and footwear; 553 tons of milk powder and baby food.

6. In 2009, 572 trucks containing approximately 5,000 tons of medical supplies entered the Strip.

7. In the first quarter of 2010 (January-March) 1,068 tons of medicine and medical equipment were transferred in 152 trucks.

8. In 2009 two elevators were transferred to hospitals in Gaza, as was a CT imaging system (to the Red Cross hospital), and equipment for a mammography machine (which checks for breast cancer).

9. During the first quarter of 2010 four trucks with special supplies for a project of the “Al Quds” hospital were transferred to the Gaza Strip, and an additional 13 trucks are scheduled to cross.

10. Due to fears of a swine flu outbreak, three Israeli hospitals were assigned to treat cases in the Gaza Strip and 44,500 immunizations were transferred to the Strip.

III. Equipment for Essential Civilian Infrastructure:

1. 14) Throughout 2009 Israel transferred 41 trucks of equipment for the maintenance of the electricity grid, and the state continues to provide approximately 60% of Gaza’s electricity.

2. 15) In 2009 over 105 million liters of fuel were transferred to Gaza’s power plant and over 3.2 million liters of gas were transferred for UNWRA operations.

3. 16) In 2009 127 trucks containing more than 3,000 tons of hypochlorite entered the Gaza Strip for water purification purposes.

Moreover, 48 trucks of equipment for improving the sanitation infrastructure led to a substantial reduction in the Beit Lahya facility’s waste levels.

4. 17) As part of the preparations made for winter, 3,607 tons of glass were transferred to the Gaza Strip. According to UN reports, windows in all education and health institutions were repaired.

5. 18) In the first quarter of 2010 Israel transferred:

250 trucks with equipment for the UNWRA summer camp, including:

Arts and crafts equipment, swimming pools, inflatable toys, ice cream machines, musical instruments, clothing, sports equipment, etc.

· Seven trucks with equipment for upgrading the sewage pumping station, which was carried out by UNWRA.

· 74 empty containers for UNWRA for use in classrooms and bathrooms

6. 19) Certain types of materials, such as cement and iron, are more restricted. These products are openly used by Hamas for developing its arsenal, building bunkers and launching sites, and making rockets and

7. 20) Despite the risk, the transfer of these items is also permitted under supervision, once it has been cleared that these materials are for civilian purposes only. Already in the first quarter of 2010, 23 tons of
iron and 25 tons of cement were transferred to the Gaza Strip.

IV. Movement of Residents in and out of the Gaza Strip

1. Despite the inherent dangers involved, Israel permits Gazans and visitors to travel between Gaza and Israel, from Gaza to Judea and Samaria, and even abroad for medical treatment, religious pilgrimages, and business trips. Whenever possible Israel allows for diplomatic activities and trade and commerce with the Gaza Strip.

2. Here are a number of examples from 2009:

· Delegations from abroad: 21,200 activists from international organizations from over 400 diplomatic delegations were permitted entry into Gaza, and 2,200 Palestinians employed by international organizations were given exit permits from the Gaza Strip.

· Education, Vacations and Pilgrimages to Holy sites: 147 permits were given to Palestinian students for academic studies around the world.

During the Christmas holiday approximately 400 permits were given to visit Bethlehem from Gaza as well 100 permits to travel abroad.

· Business: 257 permits were given to businessmen from Gaza to facilitate business operations.

· Sports: Special permission was given to Gazan footballers to train in Judea and Samaria and compete in international matches abroad.

V. Trade and Commerce

1. Israel has taken measures to support trade and commerce, the banking system, and the existing financial market in the Gaza Strip:

· In 2009 1.1 billion NIS was transferred to the Gaza Strip for the ongoing activity of international organizations and to pay the salaries of Palestinian Authority workers.

· 40 million damaged bank notes were traded for new bills, and at the request of the Palestinian Monetary Fund, 282.5 million shekels were transferred from Gazan to Israeli Banks.

· In February 2010 an agreement was reached with the Palestinian Authority’s National Insurance Department to ensure that pensions reached those formerly employed in Israel. The funds were deposited in banks in Judea and Samaria, while the Palestinian Authority was given the responsibility of distributing the funds to the pensioners in Gaza.


1. The State of Israel seeks regional stability and to protect her citizens. It is not in the interest of Israel to harm the people of Gaza and the state does its utmost to assist aid efforts, so as not to harm the quality of life for the residents of Gaza.

2. Hamas, in its continued efforts to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip, harms the people of Gaza and prevents them from further development.

3. Despite these security threats, the IDF continues to allow the transfer of commercial goods, building materials, and medical equipment into Gaza.

Yeah. What a bunch of assholes.
Nice graff, though. Your skills are not in question. Just your lack of research.
Aamukaksi Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010  Professional General Artist
I'm totally amazed by the ignorance shown by the people of Israel - I suppose you being a part of them trying to convince me I don't know shit about what's happening in Israel & Palestine.

Try to distance yourself from the situation at least a little and you'll probably start seeing more of it. It's exactly like trying to make an estimate about a huge wall by standing right next to it; you only see the part you're closest to.

You see my piece as an unrightful attack on your country, right? It just proves the point that Israel and it's citizens are WAY too touchy about issues like this and as we have seen over the last few decades it often leads to excessive violence.

I'm a man of peace by nature. If my reaction to last weeks bloodbath is to write "FUCK ISRAEL" on a wall and I'm a thirtysomething guy from a distant country you really should be thinking if you're doing something to deserve it rather than being completely defensive and dumb about it because it just proves my point.
DoseOner Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2010
dope work man! ja samaa mieltš
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