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Skin Texture Tutorial

Here's a simple tutorial on how to get a realistic looking facial skin texture. This is a technique I used to achieve the skin texture on my Fan Art of Lightning. I'm sure there are alot of tutorials out there to get this effect, some of which may even be better.

This is just a simple technique I came up with while working on the painting and some people might just benefit from it.
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lesserknowncallsign's avatar
This is exactly what I need, thank you. 
MarciiN's avatar
Wohoho! Thank you Adventure Withered Freddy 'Oh God!' Chat Icon 
Neitin's avatar
thanks  so much for sharing!!!:) (Smile) 
VonDaShroom's avatar
Wow thank you so much, this is exactly the effect I've been looking for!!! Thank you!!!
GaladinNimcelithil's avatar
Great tutorial, very clever use of filters!!!!
runesael's avatar
*slam dunks into favourites to use later* Thank you! 
dwgarrett's avatar
Great tutorial! Thanks for the large image of the tutorial too.
AMO17's avatar
Thanks for this awesome upload!  I'll be giving this a shot with an image I am currently working on. 
fahad-mahmud's avatar
Its really helpful! thanks a lot :-)
Yumezaka's avatar
Amazing. I love how the detail makes it even more realistic. Thank you for sharing your technique!!
JanaW's avatar
simple technique with great result. Never thought of combining the noise with liquifier. Thanks for sharing!
DragonsLover1's avatar
In a single word, you are brilliant.
Aameeyur's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you think so ;3
DragonsLover1's avatar
Very useful, too. :D
D3N1ZFTW's avatar
Thank you for your wonderful tutorial!
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