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Uraraka Ochako - Render

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The picture is note mine, It's official art and I just rendered it
  • original artist: Horikoshi Kohei

Uraraka Smile Icon Click "download" to get the full size; 

Feel free to use it just follow some rules :kittygrump: 
Credit me if used. (by tagging/mentioning at description)
Do not post it on another site or repost here
And please don't steal my renders, thanks

~~I accept render requests~~

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Thanks for the share. Its hard to find good renders of ochako. There is some white outlines around the render though so might want to trace a little closer to the outline. Also you can select the render by holding ctrl then click on the render layer. This makes a selection around the render. Then at the top of the photoshop window click on select then in the drop down menu click on modify and select contract. A pop up window will appear and have a value to enter. Choose 1 px. Once this is done go to the top of the window again and click on select and in the drop down menu click on inverse. Then just delete that selection and it should trim a pixel around your render which might be all the white outline.