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14. Organizing The Troops :iconaakino:aakino 0 0
13. The Rising
It was decided amongst the angels that it was time to start the training the people.  However, because of their large numbers, the first thing that needed to be done was to decide how they would be divided.  Interus, Mei-lin, and Michael got together and tried to decide what skills they would need to fight the undead army, as they had the most fighting experience between the three of them.  They would have to  use the help of the knights to do most of the training, as the angels would have their own set of training that the mortals couldn't participate in.  4 of them would be chosen, because there were 4 main areas of training that the people would need.
The three of them walked around the monastery and interviewed most of the knights on their specialties, looking for battle experience, expertise, leadership skills, and charisma in each of them.  In the end, they found the 4 knights they felt could lead the rest of the people.
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12. A New Morning
The sun was beginning to rise, and everyone started to get into work mode.  Aakino was once again waking up, as Starna had put him to sleep.  He, too, would have to work twice as hard as the humans.  He would have to help lead them to victory.  Mei-lin was the first to meet him.
"Hey.  How're you feeling?" she asked him.
"Hungry..." he answered.
He walked around for a bit, going to where all of the knights and the other soldiers were.  He preferred to be with them more than anyone.  They would be the life blood of the resistance.  And he had to find a way to get them to teach everyone else what they knew of combat and strategy.  They had a large task on their hands this day.  Interus came from among them, to talk to Aakino and Michael.
"Crazy, when should we train these people?" he asked.
Aakino looked to Michael for an answer.  He knew that Michael had been thinking about this
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11. The Grand Scheme
"Mycenova, tell me about your plans for my army.' commanded Daemus.
Mycenova walked over to Daemus' chair in the War room, with a giant map of the Shire and the surrounding islets.  He unraveled the scroll onto a desk in front of Daemus and Sir Caladon.  Using a small feather and some ink, Mycenova pointed to the areas he thought would be good to conquer.
"Lord Daemus, the Festival of the Travelers approaches near.  Every few years, we have many people go the main island in this archipelago.  However, due to the duration that many of these people must travel, they usually stop at the lesser islands to rest.  First, we will send some of our warriors to guard this port, whilst our fliers take out many of the nearby fleets surrounding it.  Then, using their dead as our numbers, keep some of them here whilst we send the others to the neighboring islands.  That way, we can kill several birds with one stone...whi
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Aakino With Butterfly colored by aakino Aakino With Butterfly colored :iconaakino:aakino 0 0 Luminaro Progression by aakino Luminaro Progression :iconaakino:aakino 0 0 GotC Mutantangel Practice Run by aakino GotC Mutantangel Practice Run :iconaakino:aakino 3 1 Luminaro Unfin. by aakino Luminaro Unfin. :iconaakino:aakino 2 2 GotC Mutantangel by aakino GotC Mutantangel :iconaakino:aakino 2 2
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10. The Saddest Loss :iconaakino:aakino 0 0
9. The Plan
Aakino and Interus made it safely back to the Monastery.  A few of Aakino's family were still out, but those of the villagers that made it out alive were here.  A few of the knights that made it from the castle patrolled outside, to make sure that none of the undead would surprise them again.  Mr. Panda was among them, resting near the bales of hay near Aerlinn's hut.  They watched as Aakino landed on the soft grass of his home, and placed Interus on his feet.  Marie and Big Marie stood at the door, glad to see their men come back, ready to welcome them both with open arms.
As Aakino placed Interus on his feet, the Angel of Death turned around and socked Aakino as hard as he could, he himself falling to the ground from how much power he put into the strike.  Aakino also fell to the ground, curious as to why Interus had hit him.  Interus had a terrified look on his face, then it turned to anger.  The girls,
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8. Daemus Assumes The Throne
After such a glorious victory that no other dictator or leader could ask for, the best of Daemus' army met at the castle that they had taken over.  Everyone who defended it lay dead inside, or had joined the ranks among Daemus' dead.  Many of the fleshlings stood outside of the gate, many more stood within the walls of the structure.  The older zombies lined the way leading up the stairs, and into the throne room.  With mighty power and command, Daemus walked through his masses of soldiers and strolled with undisputed power to the throne.  Inside the throne room itself, it's torn crimson curtains blowing helplessly in the wind during that dark night, Daemus walked past all of his Reapers to the Throne.  Beside the seat sat his two helpers, Mycenova and Sir Caladon.  All bowed as Daemus took those last few steps to his new throne.  
"My Master, my Lord." said Mycenova as Daemus neared him.  
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