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Trunkmill - Font



Here it is! A new font i've been working on for quite some time now. And now i'm releasing it :D

Trunkmill is a serif font with a rather strange look - yet surprisingly legible even at small sizes (you should try it ;)).
It has a quite large character set, is hinted and kerned (remember to turn on kerning when using Trunkmill, as it is very important with some letter combinations).

Feel free to comment about anything you want! (critique too of course)
If you download it and like it, please fav it (but only if you like it! :))

Trunkmill is free for personal / noncommercial use, and commercial use - but you can read more about that if you want in the read-me file.
You don't have to give me credit when using it, but you are of course very welcome to do so. And I would also love to see how you use it, so comment here with a link or send me a message if you want to show me :)

Check out my two other fonts comfortaa: [link] and Lastwaerk: [link]
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I'm really under big impression of your designing skills. All four fonts look very professional and nice for the eye...and to think that you even included national letters- it only shows how great you are :>