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I made this in photoshop. Use it the way you want, change it etc. just comment here with a link,
and if you feel like it give me credit.
its 10000x7000 pixels, and i recommend download to see all stars (fullview isn't enough)

Hope you can use it

You can see how i've used it here: [link]
You'll get some cool effects by playing around with layers, making darker or more colourfull areas.
If you look at the sky (in real life :D) you'll also notice that there is a clear concentration of stars and light in a broad, irregular belt across the sky - our galaxy. (Just a little hint XD)
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© 2008 - 2021 aajohan
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Used here:
Date on Another Planet by Nikola096
Thank you :)
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Looks awesome - thank you!
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grazie del tuo magazzino 
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Thanks for your stock.

I used it here:

You can let go by Cesar-Hernandez
I created a template for the RPG Star Wars: Force and Destiny and used this as a page background:…
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I created a template for Star Wars: Force and Destiny adventures using this background…
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Thanks for sharing this beautiful stock! I used it here Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasures and here…
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Fantastic! Thank you very much!
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my pleasure, thank you
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from the same star (COM) by wolf-alchemy Used your stock here! THanks !
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Thank you! Looks great - definitely one of the better uses of my stock! :-)
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Your work has been used in a video for an audio reading of a dark My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan fiction.  You can find it here:…
Thank you kindly for providing this resource! Emotipony Smile2 
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Thanks again. Used it here:

Everything you see will be yours by Cesar-Hernandez
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I needed a simple star background for a picture, and this was perfect.…
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Awesome, thanks!
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And thank you for making the stock in the first place!
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Thanks for sharing this.

I used your stock here:

Captain Marvel by Cesar-Hernandez  Captain Marvel, cosmic by Cesar-Hernandez
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Used here, thanks so much! 

Night Survivor [Commission] by TheArtlex
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