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Montepetrum - Font

Here is a new font i've been working on for a long time now. As you can see it's a very tall, narrow, thin, sans serif font - comes in three weights: thin, regular and bold (but they're all quite thin). It's cool, classy and free for personal and commercial use ^^ You don't have to give me credit when you use it, but you are obviously very welcome to do so :).

If you download it and like it, please fav it :D (but only if you like it!)
Comment's are much appreciated :)
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Just what I needed for some CNC projects! Thanks!

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You're very welcome!
Amazing and elegant font. Thanks for sharing!
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Great font, thank You for sharing.
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You're very welcome
Veri nice. Thank you!!
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Nice!! You seem to be really good at typography!! :D
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Thanks so much! I am going to use this for my business cards and for my photography!
I hope that is okay! You said it's free for personal and commercial use!

It's beautiful
Thanks again ♥
Thanks for the font!

Great font :D
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Amazing, thanks! :D
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Thanks for the great font!
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You're very welcome!
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Great style! I was searching something like this, thank you so much :)
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)
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You're welcome. I've just got a question 'cause I couldn't find this information anywhere on your profile, is this font free for commercial use (like logotype for example)? 
I prefer to know it before I completely fall in love with this font and find out after that I can't use it^^
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Yes it's free for commercial use :) if you want to show me I would love to see what you do with it
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Nice to hear :) When project will be finished I will definitely show it.
Of course pressure is bigger now, finally it's suppose to be as good as font is!

Btw, sorry if I'm making embarassing mistakes in english, it's not my native language.

Keep making such amazing fonts;)
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