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Comfortaa - font

By aajohan
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This is the latest version of Comfortaa: v3.001
-Check out my three other fonts: Montepetrum: fav.me/d2if3uu Lastwaerk: aajohan.deviantart.com/art/Las… and Trunkmill: aajohan.deviantart.com/art/Tru… -

Comfortaa is a simple, good looking, true type font with large number of different characters and symbols. You can see most of them in the preview. 
It is absolutely free, both for personal and commercial use.
It is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1 - For most uses, you don't have to worry about this at all as it is a license with very few restrictions, but you can always read the license file (OFL.txt) included in the download folder if you want.
You don't have to give me credit if you use it in your work, but you are very welcome to do so if you want.

If you download it and like it please fav it (but obviously only if you like it). You are also more than welcome to comment about anything you want (I'm open to critique)

I hope you will enjoy using my font!

I obviously would love to see how my font is being used, so feel free to comment with a link to your work, or send me a message

v3: Comfortaa has been improved as part of the Google Font Improvements Project. This includes minor or major changes to all characters and support for vietnamese.

Cirylic character set added!

Note that the font license has been changed to a less strict one.

Version 2.000 Released! All characters (yes all) have been redone / re-thought at a higher quality. Especially people using Comfortaa at large sizes will appreciate this. Spacing and kerning has also been re-thought. Some characters have changed more than others - you may notice changes to especially "s" and "f". The Cyrillic character set has also been greatly improved. Overall the quality of the font has just gone up a notch :)
© 2008 - 2021 aajohan
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Hello, absolutely love this geometrical perfection :)

And thank you so much for fixing the overlapping contours issue of a past version! That simplifies editing the vectors a lot.

Great work, thank you!


Update: One question though, the font over at "Google Fonts" seems to be an older version, which still has the issues. Can you get it updated? :)

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thank you so much!!

Ryuchan-LittleDragon's avatar

I been using this font since.... very long time, i didn't knew it was yours, thank you for creating such good font. I always used it for personal work, and like the font style very much.

conky-master's avatar

Hi , I am using this font for my school projects . nice work

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Increíble hermano, me encanta<3 lo obtuve de fonts.google.com

dee19's avatar

Gorgeous Font!!! and thank you for the inclusion of the '€' and '₹' symbols - so very, very much appreciated!

Got it from fonts.google.com

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What a beautiful font this is <3

I discovered it through google docs and absolutely love using it in my personal journal. Something about those round letters is incredibly soothing.

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А как скачать?

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This is an amazing looking font! Before Comfortaa I loved Open Sans, but now Comfortaa is my favorite font for web pages and other design projects. Thanks!!

AC1994's avatar

Thank you!!!! :D

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Hey Johan, I would like to show you your font at work. It's been selected to be used in the new UI Design on a Virtual Tour platform for Real Estate. You can find the first publication of the new interface in Marina Blue 4701 or visit Pandoramics for new publications soon.

Thanks! We love the font.


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Hello. I found the starting point of "C" and "G" in a capital letter looks a little bit weird?

I checked the "c" in a small letter.

The starting point is different with a capital letter.

Thanks a lot for your work!

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This is my all-time favourite font. I use this for so many different projects. :clap:

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Thank you so much for this font! I love it so much and have been using it for any of my drawing's watermark

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Love this font ! I'm thinking about using it in my watermark, to put a link to my DA page.
I also love to use it when making slides for my studies.
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Love the font very similar to Harry/Horatio which I also love. I would be great to read more about it... your though process, tools used to create it. Thank you for creating and sharing.

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You should look at kerning next. Between "de" and "yw" is almost no space and there are some other inconsistencies. Love the font! We'll be using it for our new startup.

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The font is clean and nice on the eyes. Outstanding!!
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really nice font, thanks
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Absolutely love the font.

The only thing that was bugging me was the number 5.

So I changed it up a bit, in a way that I think is more fitting.

Would like to know your thoughts. :D

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Hi, I have installed the font Comfortaa (from Google and from this site), but there seems te be a bug in it. The VaribleFont:wght gives an error. Can you fix this?
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quick question the download here has Bold, Light and Regular, but on other places there are other thicknesses available like on Google fonts you can also get Semibold and Medium or on Fontsquirrel you get a thin (thinner than light) version in addition to normal and bold.

are those also from you or are those fakes?
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The Medium and Semi-bold are Google's derivatives, but they are completely up to standards.
Fontsquirrel keeps the old version of Comfortaa, which had a thin instead of a light - so theres nothing fake about it but it doesn't completely match the latest version of the font.
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