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This is a little journal, to update your guys about my life, and status.

First of all, to night I reached the 50k pv, what a milestone. I'm a nerd, so yes I got a screen dump of it: www.kongesuiten.dk/img/aagaard… - 50.000 is a lot, and I'm proud. But I'm even more proud of the 1150 watchers I have, thanks to every single one of your.

About the art, well there isn't much to report about there - It's dead... Not because I don't want to, but because I don't have the time at all. Right now I'm really busy with the studies, examination is moving really close, far to close - so I use lot's of my time on the university stuff. When I don't use time at university stuff, I use it at client work - making web-designs and logos, and earn some money I'm really need. And therefore there isn't much time to the art right now.

But... Right now I also working at a new portfolio, I have made a design - and now I try to code it, but I'm not good at the css and html codes, so it take lots of time. I have a idea about releasing the new portfolio at the 1. january 2010 - and together with this portfolio I have an idea of making a serie of Illustrations I can release the same day - so the 1. January you hopefully will see some art from me again. (And the client stuff I have made the last month, but that isn't that interesting)

Thats all for now, once again thanks to all my watchers - and have a nice day out there.
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Johannes, hit me up if you need html+css assistance, aaaaight? :-)
Good luck with them studies and i know for sure you'll have an aspiring period of art again in no time!
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Hey - thanks for the offer - I keep you in mind, if the codes start to be irritating ;)
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Congratulations on that number ;) I'm looking forward to your works :)
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hope you'll solve your problems in real life fast =)
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Arh it is not bad problems, I just don't have lots of time :D
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