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Yesterday was my 1 year birthday on deviantart - yey... Im satisfied with the results I have reach: 22k PV, 500+ watchers, 2 DD's, and lots of favs!

Thanks to all who support me, its great!

But, the 22. june, i will get my first long period away from deviantart, i will travel 2 month to Tanzania (Africa), to see a totally different culture, a different country. I have used lots of money on a new camera: Canon EOS 450D, its so great, love it :D - And i will take about 20 GB photos in Tanzania :D - I will properly not upload the pictures here on deviantart because its to my graphic, but they will be uploadet on my future blog! (My future blog will be on english, the one I have now is on danish)... When im home from Tanzania, im sure I have lots of inspiration - and are able to make some cool graphic!

Out of practise?

I haven't made Graphic for a month, so the last days I have worked on a picture, where i wanted to make some new things - I finished it today, and I like it. I needed to make it, because the next to month i wont use photoshop one single time. - So here it is:

Out of time by AagaardDS Out of time by AagaardDS Out of time by AagaardDS

And then some features

I haven't made lots of faves the last time, but it have been some - so I would feature some of the great pieces here:

Experiment of Typography by yienkeat :thumb87135104: Paragonia by pete-aeiko Run.Away. by Espador
:thumb87935956: Son Of Cienfuegos II.I by chilouX The time has come by hicky2 Blue Moon by microbot23

See you

So now im out, or the 22. june I'm out! Hope that you in the period still would look at my stuff, make favs, comments, watches and so on - and hopefully when i get home - I have 1000 messages :D

Take good care!

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madewithcolors's avatar
enjoy your time off!!
AagaardDS's avatar
I will do that thanks :D
degodson's avatar
n 22 000 pv is sick!!! :D congratz man!
AagaardDS's avatar
Yea its pretty much :D - I havent thought that out one ear ago when i signed up for this :D - But its just great! Thanks!
degodson's avatar
take care man and weìll see you back soon!
AagaardDS's avatar
YOur welcome, that artwork is so awesome!
yienkeat's avatar
many thanks for the feature! :D
AagaardDS's avatar
Your welcome, the use of types is so awesome!
philiplopezjr's avatar
Pray you have a blessed journey and have a lot of fun.
CTRLgs's avatar
I hope your journey gives you some great inspiration. I'm sure that it will. Have fun!
hicky2's avatar
Thank you for the feat!
AagaardDS's avatar
Qarstar's avatar
God tur Aagaard!

Gid det var mig! :D
wunder-mind's avatar
well hope u have fun

wish i could go to africa
AagaardDS's avatar
Im sure it would be fun :D - thanks
wunder-mind's avatar
yeah your wellkum :heart:
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