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I love the typefaces used in the subtime, they complement eachother quite good. Even the handwriting fits with the type.
The background colour does feel blank, but i like the simplicity. The addiction of the pen im not quite sure of tho.

The splatter, and painted style on the main type seems quite good, altough im not certain the red colourchoice. The is quite saturated in comparison to the green / yellow. It fits but i would try out some other options.

Your logo seems rather not in the style of the piece. It doesnt fit in there. Overall opinion: great piece!
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Thanks a lot - much appreciated. And I agree in the things you say. I like the pen, because it make this piece more like an Illustration than an commercial piece. Ells I see your concerns, maybe a other colour than red would work better, I agree on that one. And yea I had my struggles with the logo, I'm not satisfied with that, must agree on that one ;)

But thanks a lot for the critique, first time I try that on deviantart - and I will have the things in my mind, next time I make an artwork.
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Hi, great typo + fav
 may i use this as my fb cover pls?
May I use your picture culture for my facebook promoting my blog? As background? I love it!
Dorine Bothof

FB page:
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this is awsome !
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Hey man, Just love the design. Can you provide a tutorial / template for this ?
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Sorry man... I made this one years ago, I don't think I still got the skills to make something like it - and then it is difficult to make a tutorial.

But thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like it.
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Hope you don't mind, but I'd like to use this in a mock lesson plan for my art ed class.
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Hi, Can I buy this image from you with a little modification in the name. I needed you to mention culturoscope instead of culture. Thank you for getting in touch with me on
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So beautiful! I love what you've done with such a simple word. :)
Love the details as well!
can I use this for my is really beautiful
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i have a question.. coud i use this image as a background for a presentation i do about culture?
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Your welcome to use it, just remember to credit me - in some way.
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:) thanks, but it has no use anymore, i wanted to do he presentation, but he said it was too busy, and said i just got a 7 for it :1 i did't have to do the presentation or send it to him..

still, it's vey cool, this picture and also the only one that shows "culture" stuff :D
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Congratulation guy! this is impressive ;)
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Hihi! I used the picture for a post on tumblr, hope you don't mind! All credits given, of course.

Article is right here: [link]

If you want it removed, please tell me.

It's awesome, by the way. ^^
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Wow, that's fantastic..One of my favorite Favorites ;}
Love it! Want it in poster size! How much?
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