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Conceptual Art

By AagaardDS
"I'm not trying to do conceptual art"
- It just happens!

My first typography piece in a long time - or should I say my first piece in a long time?

I hope your like it...

See a Case Study of this piece over at Behance: [link]
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muy bonita :) Buen trabajo
meepsie's avatar
Very interesting :)
sebaselciclon's avatar
Sorry, but you fail at not trying xDDD.

A great work.
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Hi there! I'm an art collector over at #TheConceptBox, and I think your piece would be a lovely addition to our gallery! I submitted your art, but if you'd rather it not be included, just hit "no" on the message you should be receiving soon. Thanks!

Also, I really love this piece. Aside from it being very detailed and well done, I think it's an interesting idea. Very thought provoking, nice work!
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OMG, I love this!! The blue and yellow go well together!
amazing stuff
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nice stuff, would you mind giving me a critique on my typography?
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Featured here -> [link] :heart:

(please fav the news article to get more attention ).
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haha i love this
it reminds me of the "Conceptual art is dead piece"
to me it is almost paradoxical
or maybe I am just being to conceptual haha
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i like the color... n of course overall
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Det ser ret sejt ud synes jeg. Typografi er ikke mit store interesse-område for at være ærlig, men synes det her ser ret vildt ud. Ville være en fed og farverig baggrund til computeren! ;)

Sejt gået!
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Mange tak - Jeg elsker Typografi, men blander det gerne med noget Illustration. Så dette er nok ligeså meget en illustration som et typografisk værk, hvis ikke mere.

Mange tak for kommentaren.
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Helt iorden ;)
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jeg er vild med splatteret (:
og godt arbejde, det ser rigtig godt ud! fav (:
AagaardDS's avatar
Tak for det :D - Jeg er også selv ret godt tilfreds, specielt fordi det er det eneste seriøse jeg har kunne lave inden for det sidste halve år :P
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Idea is questionable but your coordination and execution of it masterful. It really is beautiful to look at.
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Excellent work :D
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i like this man. clean and smoothe, not to mention from time to time i do build a concept as i work, vs. before i work.

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I really enjoy the message and the concept ;) very.. conceptual :P

Lovely colours and style. Feels playful, cool.

Nice work!
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