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The Bat - A 3D Drawing

Batman. Drawn completely using traditional media (graphite, white color pencil and multiliner) on folded Bristol Board paper.
Im proud of this piece, mainly due to the text and the overall perspective makes it "pop" right out. ^_^ Thanks to ~dannlord for his amazing artwork of Batman that made me wanna draw this. Also, I put in almost a week's effort on this piece, so think twice before using without permission (getting that a lot lately; if you wanna draw this, or anything that I have drawn, just Mention me in the description by adding the code :deviza-nagi: and i will be happy to check it out.)

Please dont ask me to show you the overhead angle for this, or any, 3D drawing, as I want you to figure it out yourself. But here's some WIP for The Bat! XD

Other 3D Artwork


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Vasilivros's avatar
It really messes with my eyes
aadisart's avatar
thats what it was meant to do xD glad you like
Vasilivros's avatar
I'll try drawing something like this too!
(sounds like the hardest drawing challenge possible tbh)
aadisart's avatar
all the best :D pleasedo show me when done!
Vasilivros's avatar
done... but it doesn't really work...
nurselife's avatar
le tutoriel du logiciel ??

nurselife's avatar
c est possible d avoir le tutoriel du logiciel pour realiser ces dessins sur feuille ?
Dramawind's avatar
That is awesome! Batman would be so amazed!
aadisart's avatar
yay! thank you for your support! :D
Dramawind's avatar
You're welcome. :D
aadisart's avatar
im gld you think so!
Ocalissa's avatar
aadisart's avatar
Ocalissa's avatar
:D I love batman <3 I have like 50 batman stickers 2 hats and about 20million other batman things xD
Rina-chan3221's avatar
This is so cool!!
I love your 3D works :))
aadisart's avatar
ShinguAmito's avatar
haha, here comes the train of comments on the deviations xD 

The posing looks so cool for this 3D drawing, I really like how intense Batman looks, even with his arms in that position! My personal favorite touch was the bat symbol in 3D :D 
aadisart's avatar
Hahah ChooChoo! :D

A lot of thought and planning went into this one. Perhaps nothing can compare to this in terms of the brainstorming. I had to collect various elements and fuse em all together.... Phew! In any case, this drawing paved the way for my MEGA YES (not sure if you saw that one yet). Glad you like it, and Batman forver xD
ShinguAmito's avatar
All aboard!! xD

Perhaps that's why it's so polished. Generally, the longer the conceptualization takes, the more refined a drawing seems to be. 

MEGA YES was mega-awesome-sauce! Great work sir!!
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