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Splash of Team Rocket!

Brace yourself, guys! I have a couple days of free time now, and many more splashes of art to come xDD I hope I am not spamming my watchers' inboxes though orz....

I was planning on doin' this trio in their old and awesome uniform xD and i was glad that ~KuroodoFoosutasu asked me the same ^_^ I had fun coloring them, to say the least xD
This was done in Photoshop CS6 in like 3 hrs...

Download for wallpaper xD Team Rocket rightfully belongs to Satoshi Tajiri.

Ref used because i am too lazy to do something original -->> [link]

:iconreachforthestarsplz: SPLASH OF series :iconreachforthestarsplz:

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OHMYGOD!!! STUNNING colors!!! So pretty!! I love it so much!!! :D :heart:
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Im glad yu like!
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Very beautiful!
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Thanks LadyTau :D
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You're welcome! =)
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This is such q nice piece of art, is it ok if i put it as a wallpaper for my computer? thanks
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Haha, Sure go ahead :) I'm glad you like it so much. ^_^
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how the hell do you do it
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practice :) simple as that
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wooooow this is awesome!!! I can't stop staring at it...*_*
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IM glad you like it
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awesome, keep drawing on splash... it´s great
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Im terribly sorry for the late reply (but better late than never! XD)
Ah, thank you... i might :)
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i see you're playing with colors now haha!
i mean, the way you color your latest works :D
It's more cool for me. keep it up! ^_^
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XD yeah! Never tried that before so yeah hehe :D
still learning and experimenting but thanks!
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haha you're very welcome!
i really like how you mix the colors :D
hope to learn that kind of coloring too :)
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:D thanks, im still learning so theres a lot more road to traverse! :D
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TEAM ROCKET!!! Haha, I use to watch that show everyday and laugh so hard at this trio. I think I'm going to rewatch it one day. :giggle:

Fantastic drawing! Really really nice. :D
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when these 3 came on screen for the first time-->> :iconwatchoutweplz: im like woah we got badasses over here!

then a few episodes into the show and --> :iconmingplz: im like please, these guys are just downright jokers and hilarious xD

thanks for the support! and yeah rewatch episodes from the first generation; that was GOLD. :D
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My sentiments exactly! :giggle:

It's always my pleasure. Lol, I think I'll do that maybe during the summer.
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