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Splash of Ash - R.E.D.R.A.W.

Found an hour of free time in my busy life. And I used my existing piece's lineart and tried out a messy abstract kind of coloring.
Somehow looking at this pleases me; I hope you like it as well!

As usual, sorry for the lack of art.... I will be full-on arting about come June xD Unti then, brofist!

Ash and Pikachu © Satoshi Tajiri
Art © Izanagi aadi

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The old one:

Entirely painted in photoshop using a small round brush.
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© 2013 - 2021 aadisart
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This is done in such an amazing way!
I LOVE IT! ^____^
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Daw... I literally only saw like... maybe 2 and a half seasons of pokemon throughout my entire life, but I remember the bond Ash and Pikachu have for one another...
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this artwork has been featured here:
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I love this so much!!!!! Ash and Pikachu are adorable!
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             Thank you :D
Epic-hugs-friends-pikachu by Iza-nagi
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welcome, may i use him too, please?
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so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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heehee thanks xD
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I really love this piece :)
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wow =O i wish i could draw like this =) but i'm so bloody untalented at drawing x.x
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Thanks! of course... time.
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those two are best friend for life :D
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:D of course xDDD
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i love it its soo cute!!
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Ur welcome ! ^^
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A very interesting style, even if some of colors are bloched or out of line it just makes it more interesting. Love it. :)
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thanks! yeah those were intended ^_^ i was going for as messy as possible. its tough to bring order out of chaos, is what i inferred after doing these splash drawings xD
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Well it turned out great in the end :)
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^_^ Glad you think so!
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