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Somewhat 3D Drawing

Well, with so many people asking me whats wrong with this, here goes:
                 When i first completed the drawing on A3, and looked at it through the proper viewpoint,
                 it looked MINDBLOWINGLY 3d. But then I saw a lotof 3d drawings that involve cutting the edge
                 of the paper to increase teh effect. And so,
                 without any hesitation, I CUT THE DAMN PAPER. And the result you see now
                 is a VERY less 3d effect compared to the one where the paper isnt cut.

And THAT's the reason I considered this a fail. XP

I used pencils for this (dont remember which ones though)
Spent about 2 days on it. And then ruined it all ;A;

:iconreachforthestarsplz: Check the whole 3d art folder here -->> [link] :iconreachforthestarsplz:

:iconplayplz:     P    L    A    Y    L    I    S    T

              All FMA Brotherhood Openings and Endings

Art © Izanagi Aadi 2013
If you wish to share any of my work, you could do so via the facebook page-->> [link]

thank you!
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5 mm
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Date Taken
Mar 15, 2013, 5:13:45 PM
© 2013 - 2021 aadisart
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Vrandiel's avatar
that looks amazing!!! dont be sad about the whole cutting thing, i've done far worse.
aadisart's avatar
XD well, it worked out eventually; a stepping stone for the future drawings to come.
xxGabriaelsWingsxx's avatar
I like that you switch it up from time to time. You can do realistic stuff too. Your still amazing me. <3
aadisart's avatar
thank you! :D im sorry for the super ultra late response, and also grateful that i amaze you! :D 
xxGabriaelsWingsxx's avatar
Lol Your good my response was even later ^^
CorneredLikeKitsune's avatar
This is so utterly captivating and I feel inspired looking at your drawings! I don't draw, but I do write. (Notwellbut..whatever.)
Thank you for being.. you!
aadisart's avatar
Ooh thanks xD For all the wonderful comments on my works and all the favs, everything!! :heart:
LulisSwarz's avatar
ChurippuMori's avatar
FAIL? WHAT FAIL? this is amazing.........
FancyFishStudios's avatar
Even though YOU may think this is a FAIL but I think it is beautiful, the shading is amazing and the liquid spilling out of the cup! @O@ soo much awwe fantastic sir <3
aadisart's avatar
:D im happy you think so xD
FancyFishStudios's avatar
KyceSilverFalcon's avatar
LOL, don't you flipping HATE IT when you try a new technique on a perfectly fine drawing and you completely mess it up!?!:D That's why I scan the before before I try anything new now.:aww:
Either way, this one looks pretty good, too, for the record. Although it's too bad we can't see the other result, as well.
aadisart's avatar
I agree. xD hehe lesson learnt though, but i will master this cutting technique somehow xDD
KyceSilverFalcon's avatar
Oh, I know you will (that's a certainty:D), but make it the purpose of the project next time! Or at least post the before, as well!:P
aadisart's avatar
ShinguAmito's avatar
I like how you defined the water in this piece... it actually looks real and moving, while still retaining the proper elements one would expect of water. I think that's a huge success!

Now I'm curious as to what it would have looked like "uncut" xD

Regardless, I still think this was a great effort!
aadisart's avatar
:D thanks, still life is difficult but the basis of all shading and proportions. I should practice more often (and you should as well xD)
ShinguAmito's avatar
yes sir!! I will keep practicing sir!!!


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