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Negative Art - Naruto 690

Okay two things about chapter 690: WHAT. and WHAAAT????

I dont wanna debate on the chapter, so please enjoy this rather different artwork that I did!


So this artwork was drawn as on the left hand side: Upon INVERTING the colors (simply changing the camera mode to negative) magic unfolds as we see the true nature of Naruto come to shades on the page. I know its dark and all, but its something that I quickly did so please dont mind the quality that much.

QUESTION: Do you like to see different artwork expressions like this?

If yes, then stay tuned for a rather comprehensive INVERT art in the future, plus that Pose Practice of Killua! ^_^

Naruto © Masashi sensei
Art © Izanagi Aadi        
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© 2014 - 2021 aadisart
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woah... WOAH! O.O
AnimeSoulDrawing's avatar
it´s really AMAZING ^o^ i love your Artwork ;)
AnkitPassi's avatar
Great Invert drawing , i'm too trying to get a hang of Invert Tech..
Please have a look at my gallery and leave any suggestions(uf any)

Awesome Artwork really , Big fan! :* 
aadisart's avatar
Thanks so much!
Its all in the colors :)
whitepaperstar's avatar
AlexYin4's avatar
Wow... just Amazing
MissIp's avatar
how do you do these amazing things!!!!!!!!!
S-Ace68's avatar
Whoa thats so cool! Nice work Aadi bro^-^
ShinguAmito's avatar
you don't wanna talk about the chapter? Something tells me you didn't like it...

lol, but I will respect that wish. This is a VERY interesting way to present work.. I am very curious to see what you can come up with next (and the answer to your question is definitely yes!!)
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Wohaa awesome, man! O:
HikisakuYoso's avatar
Wow it... it is amazing.
Wow this is amazing
romanwar's avatar
pretty prette awesome =D
TswordZ's avatar
Awesome work, Iza-Nagi! Keep going!
NotRyanime's avatar
That is badass, looks awesome man.
CatCouch's avatar
Magic unfolds, indeed. Man, that must be difficult to invert shading when every fiber of your being is telling you to where shadows are.

Pretty cool!
CeruleanFox333's avatar
Amazing! Your invert art is so cool! Wow! 
BreezyHurricane's avatar
Negative!!!Love it!!!
wxzhenghoppytruffles's avatar
yeah, invert art would be really cool!
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