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Goku : Contrast

requested by :iconwinry10: hope she likes it!

Okay by CONTRAST i mean his normal and SSJ form :P
And on with the blabbering! xD

Used Illustrator for the lineart and coloring; its 99 percent vector.
Yeah 99, the one percent was the shadow on Gokus arm and the cropping/lighting which was done in Photoshop CS3

I dunno but this took me a long time :P im used to drawing for hours by now heheh...
I HAVE to mention. the SSj has already been drawn by droozdo. I used it as reference but did not copy it xD you can see the process in the video which i shall post once i make it!
and thats that! xD

Check out my Son Goku!

edit: made the videos! took some time to make em, so please take the time to watch em thanks!

part 1-->>[link]
part 2-->>[link]

Goku ©Toriyama-sensei
This art © Izanagi Aadi
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© 2012 - 2021 aadisart
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aadisart's avatar
but why the naruto
aAdisensei's avatar
Dosent matter but 3d in naruto can b really good like sasuke sticking to wall and all
aAdisensei's avatar
ePiC mAn 
hey could u tell me how u draw 3d naruto on folded sheets i eagerly want to know
aadisart's avatar
haha we bear the same name xD
TheMysticalArtist's avatar
Wow! Your Goku art looks good!! ^_________^
aadisart's avatar
sorry for getting back to you so late! thank you for the kind words xD
TheMysticalArtist's avatar
That's ok! I understand how busy you are. And you're very welcome. ^____^
aadisart's avatar
thanks a lot xD holy crap this is waaaaaaaay old xDDD thanks for noticing this lol
Your welcome! And no problem!
michinoli's avatar
thanks to this piece of art! I m starting to digital coloring for the first time one of my naruto drawings and I would like to have the same precision in digital as you have. Please check my gallery and give some comments on my works! hope you ll like them ;)
aadisart's avatar
As i have learned from experience, always perfect a bit of traditional art before startng to do digital artworks ^_^ so that you will have the strokes if you purchase a tablet. If you have a mouse, like i used in this picture, then you should learn ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR. ^_^ Good luck!

PS: i like the naruto cover you made. It really needs some shading otherwise it looks great! Always the trick in digital art is coloring, so I think you should learn a few traditional coloring methods and look for applying them digitally ^_^
FairyTailfangirl2000's avatar
aadisart's avatar
:P :P he says hi i guess....
dindakai's avatar
Wow i think u are a great artist
Very legit
I am trying to be like that
please let me know what do u think of my art???hope u like them as much as i like this one
aadisart's avatar
thank you so much fro the sweet comment!
i am checking out your gallery right away!!!! xDDDDD
Shipeh's avatar
Oh my god that's really good!
aadisart's avatar
you think so? im glad! ^_^
Shipeh's avatar
Yea, it looks just like Akira Toriyama draws ^^ You have potential.
aadisart's avatar

the super saiyan was a reference though....
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