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i trusted you

i hate when i heal enemy spies >:I
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Top 10 anime betrayals
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Yeah I hate it too... But whenever I heal an enemy spy they die.... Weather by my hand or my team's pyro
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This is so me ;n;
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Yeah me too buddy, me too
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Yeah I hate that to I keep feeling like an idiot right after BC
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"I was never really on your side"
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:iconslapplz: <---- spy and me
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It's always awkward when you heal a disguised spy without checking first.
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I've gotten into the unbreakable habit of (usually when this happens) I'm running from respawn room to get the the action, and I just heal random 'teammates' while I go. I always run into them. I don't know why, It's not a thought and if it was realife logic I think everyone would hate medic.
But I bump into them anyways and I spill their guts (most of the time).
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I've learned to wait until they call me or when I'm charged I just charge the closest team member. To date I haven't done that with a spy.  Another thing I do is wait for someone else to come out of respawn and follow them as I heal them.
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I healed an enemy spy as high as his health would go once, then he tried to stab me but I still ended up killing him with my syringe gun. Got an achievement for it.
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This kinda reminds me of pewdiepie idk why just does
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I play as a spy but i never killed the medic that heal me i always say thanks then i kill the rest of the team but that medic unless he killed me which i be like i trusted you or ill spare ur life and thiz how u repaid me :iconiragenowplz: or healing a heavy 
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I got a medic to heal me today as a spy. 
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I may of started healing disguised spy's on purpose 

...... you don't know me XD
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Ooh I hate when it happens! Spy is a sordid class I must say.
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That's me. Always getting back stabbed for all my hard work healing and trying not to die. XD
I think I accidentally started healing an enemy spy for a second or two before I figured out what I was looking at, but that was still enough time for him to whack me.
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This pic describes my life as an medic xD. Or, if you want to go o the others an you don't notice "Wait, why is there an 2nd medic? I've checked it, I should be the on- OH SHIT Oh shit! Where are the others when I need them?" *dies of the backstap from the spy*.

Had this today and I hate it.
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