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Not able to post, leaving

Sat Aug 13, 2016, 7:22 AM
Well, once upon a time (and not so long ago - three days), I wanted to post my artwork and guess what, I'm not able to, because dA submitting site is constantly bugging.
I can't post my latest finished commissions
(Hello Sarah, I sent you a note some time (exactly on your b-day) ago, so please check it. I hope it has been sent, because I'm not able to react to notes, submit my art, nothing. So if you'd like to, I can send you your cat on different website or anything you'd like to. :iconadoptsandshtuffs:)

and what's more, not even my personal artwork that I was working my ass off on. This is the last straw for me, I guess. 
Deviantart website was making me angry for a longer period time, maybe that's one of the reasons I was not here as often as I could. 
I agree with various reasons that can be found in this journal (and it was written 2 years ago!)

Is it Me? Or is Deviantart Dying?I was chatting to some art/writing friends online, and it seemed to be something we agreed upon.
Deviantart seems kinda dead, or like it's dying or something. Or is that just for me ( and the people I've spoken to?). Honestly, I think a lot of the changes they made are responsible.
Disclaimer (because I always need one for some reason). This is my journal. It is my opinion. If you have a different opinion I'd love to hear it. I'm not out to offend anyone (kind of sadly hilarious I have to post these more and more lol ).
I've been here a long time. Well, I suppose I wasn't active for many years. I lived in Japan and Deviantart has no presence there. But then 3.5  years ago I decided to teach myself to paint, so I suddenly became active.
I think a lot of the recent Site Updates to Deviantart have really made things hard for those of us who are serious about artwork ( or maybe everyone?). Usually, it was fairly standard that when you post a new

the whole thing with core memberships and stuff...I kinda feel like the site is getting worse and worse every year :( 
the fact that I cannot upload my art (and I've tried different PCs, different web browsers and different phases of the moon) to the site that is about uploading art, well..

I've decided that I will probably move to my yet-not-functioning old FB site, so anyone who is willing to stay in touch with me and my art and get quick response can find me

and, this is my latest piece :)…

Thank you guys for all the nice feedback you've given me through the years :) 

Cheers, dudes and dudettes!

Sat Jul 16, 2016, 1:59 PM
Hi people,
do you stil remember me? :D 

(sentimental HP scene)

Well, I guess things just happen. I'm not in mood to write something long but just know I'm here and I'll publish lots of stuff soon. But here is to-do list, just cuz.

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! getting my Core membership (eh, I miss Premium so much :( ) back
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! that means to custom and re-paint my dA account (background, writings, journal theme, folders, my avatar and dA ID and part with prints..just to make everything 100% Uda stuff)
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! make more of my art available as prints
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! post my new stuff
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! you know, I started working with aerosol and spray paints
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! aaand also on traditional canvas, can be seen in the photo
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! did some tattoo concepts that are already on ppl's bodies, want to take photo with them and the original sketches
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! ...should post my door aswell, once I have a good shot
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! and yeah, book with my illustrations already came out, so that would be probably on point too
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! write some journals (including)
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! current plans
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! my mom's wicked artworks
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! my 1st art exhibition (heck, that was long time ago)
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! my favourite and not favourite artists that swim in internet waves  
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! of course answer the feedback - notes and comments, I miss lot of you people and I need to know what is going on in your life. Need to read lot of journals, too. 
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! draw everything I've wanted to in next month and a half before the school starts
    Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! that means trying to sketch daily

Untitled by Aadavy

that is one of my latest canvases. I will scan it and submit it once I have it in a good quality. 
(My super power is to build Minas Tirith in 20 minutes and tie myself a fine bow during that ^_^)

anyway, cheers, fellow dudes and dudettes!

Ada says hi!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 13, 2016, 10:14 PM
Hi :) Well, I don't even know how to start but I stil have got some sort of urge to write something down here.

...I am stil not as active here as I'd like to. I do not chat with all those nice people as I've used to. I do not answer notes as much as I'd need to. I'm already looking forward to the Christmas holidays. I hope I will catch up everything.
  I had got lots of health problems in few past weeks. Mental, physical, who knows?
  Oh, come on, you're just a lazy wimp. Just shut up already.

...I'm currently working on requests, not my own ideas - and I have got lots of my own ideas... 
well, we are here mainly for the art, so help yourselves, see the latest crappy stuff of mine:

Baby Sketch by Aadavy
that's the kiddo one family wanted me to draw.

Faun's late 2a.m #8 by Aadavy
that's my tiny elven girl I can't finish for month already
Erb2 by Aadavy

that's a coat of arms I was supposed to design.
Purr by Aadavy
there are The Cats.

well, I guess these are the most interesting ones.

I have been losing watchers for past two weeks constantly, I really hope they are just leaving dA, not me personally..
but I guess it is not that important.
I have been thinking for a long time about my art or..I don't know, existence?
  I guess I will just end up drawing portraits of random strangers to get myself drugs when I'll be older. 
  That seems like future job for me.

I found out that I don't have got an artistic style, my pictures are just so dull and...
yeah, this sums it up:

941942 4834750758859 663020831 N by Aadavy You're Not Deep by Aadavy

And don't worry. I know that I may sound little bit depressing now. I know better mood will come one day. :)
In case anyone here (oh, did anyone read this actually?) wants to comfort me, you don't need to. Pet your dog, be nice to your family, smile on random people on the street and try to enjoy it. Have a great life :)

Bez nzvu-1 by Aadavy


Just a friendly reminder:
Hi people, 

I just wanted to share with you one of the greatest achievements I've recently made. Say hi to my billboard! :)

My Own Billboard by Aadavy 

...and custom designed longboard aswell!

20151016 151238 by AadavyUntitled by Aadavy

but the thing I definitely MUST do, is to thank especially these amazing people and many others who voted for me anonymously:
theferalchild, artlover20012001, ZimmyRose, NoxFairy, michaelangelaii, Pikirha, Secretsofaphrodites, Lola-in-the-Black, CpointSpoint, deepakpandiar, littlewhitechair, MrFahreinheit, NickBentonArt, samosvulter, Anbeads, Cookie405, Rasaiva, :devDisplaced-Punch: (the deviant probably changed his username :( )

Thank you so much for your support once more. :) 

Bez nzvu-1 by Aadavy


Hi fellow deviantartists :)

I was missing for about one month here. Well, I was really busy. My first art exhibition went pretty well, I'll probably make a journal about it later. I'm successfully surviving my school days, trying to accomplish something (and that's not always easy)

The bad thing is that I've had some sort of aggresive-anxiety attack yesterday, was punching the wall and screaming into my pillows...and unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my feedback from past month, I, llamas and favourites :( which makes me pretty sad now, so sorry if I haven't sent you a llama back or something, I feel really ungratefully...:( thanks to all who added me to their deviantartwatchlist recently :)
good thing is that comments stayed where they were before, so I hope I will answer soon :)

Well..and that's it. Days are gray, minds are gray, so I hope I will bring you more colourful art soon, I have got tons of ideas already :)

Aaand, I hope I will see your dreams in my next art contest:
Have great days fellas, and smile as much as you can, even more :) 
Bez nzvu-1 by Aadavy

Hi people!

Just few words from me. I'm currently pretty busy but I felt like I need to write something here :)
  1. I am doing a wall desings for one caffeteria during weekends
  2. ...In THAT caffeteria where my very first art exhibition is going to be
  3. so I need to buy about 27 frames. 16 pictures are framed already.
  4. and also print and design invitation cards and bunch of other stuff that needs to be done (e.g to get my doors out of hinges and put them somewhere in the exhibition)
  5. I was in London for few days
  6. So I missed quite lot of lessons at school
  7. and I need to write about 4741256 f*cking tests
  8. of course I am not going to learn
  9. instead of that I am going to finish my 67 not-finished ideas of traditional and digital drawings (and play The Witcher)
  10. and by the way I've won my own f*cking amazing awesome billboard and I'm definitely going to post a photo of it here soon

Untitled by Aadavy

This is the first poster that has been printed for the exhibition :) 
PicMonkey Collage by Aadavy
that is the first wallpaint painted here by me :)

Untitled by Aadavy
the next wall design that is currently in the progress! (my most favourite one :3)

(well, this is too sweet I guess but yeah, I honestly hope something good happens to you today)

Bez nzvu-1 by Aadavy
your Ada

The next theme you've voted for was my door. So let's say a word or two about that! :) and little bit earlier since I was in a good mood today!

Heh. I spent quite long time during my life in my room. I guess most of the time, since I always (don't) sleep here. You could find lot of different stuff hanging there for past 10 years including pony stickers, Munch Scream Simpsons parody poster, deep calendar quotes etc. 
The main idea to paint the door came from my mother. She had already painted our toilett door some time ago and she thought that it could be nice if I do it aswell.
I will show it to you guys if you vote for "my mother feature"

Here are the deviations I've already submitted if you haven't checked them yet:

The Old Doors and the Sea by Aadavy  The Old Doors and the Sea by Aadavy

Untitled by Aadavy
mothers magical wardrobe. In the end, I've used just 3 or 4 of them...but..whoah.
Spent about half an hour choosing the right shades of blue! 
acrylic colors Golden, luminescent colors Creall
Untitled by Aadavy
In the end, I've used three of them and Titan white. And those luminescent colors.

1 by Aadavy
It took about 15 hours, one picture = one day

D1 by AadavyD2 by Aadavy
 Run, rabbit run..dig that hole..♫
There's really a rabbit on the moon. And the moon shines in the night, together with those stars and sundown.

Untitled by Aadavy

I've used mostly my fingers when blending colors together.

Don't you want to paint your doors or wall or something at home too? Like "#Adas_door_challenge" or stuff. 
..well, if you'd actually do this, please, send your doors into the comments, I'd love to see them!

:iconzimmyrose: - yours especially! ^^ 

“But man is not made for defeat," he said. "A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” 
― Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea

this quote was running through my head for a long time. And it always come to my mind when I pass by my doors now :)

By the way, you can vote for the next journal theme in the newest poll THAT WILL COME SOON, consisting of:
  • my mother feature (her oil paintings and such)
  • Horns series meaning
  • my redhead friend photoshoot
  • my very first art exposition and The Jamaican wall art
  • elven ears tutorial

dA love in real life

Sun Sep 6, 2015, 5:34 AM

Yup, another journal few people asked for is here :) about dA connection this time. So sit down, make yourself comfortable and feel free to restore your faith in humanity.

I'm really glad that I belong to the part of people that had possibility to meet someone from the Internet chat and it wasn't a bullying horny freak. Instead of that, I've met two of the nicest girls on the planet. And I can honestly say that they made my holidays unforgettable.

Chicago holidays

If you want to know where the story starts:
Do you live in Chicago? HELP ME!

I want to thank my watchers 
:iconwoodlandoftheash: :iconutoran: :icon1cupcake4: :iconle-vane: :iconwright867:
and :iconstarrbutt:
for really nice and helpful feedback once more :)

But all hails to the mighty :iconwintereousflame: who had arranged a meeting with me! It was one of the best experiences in my life - you can sometimes find awesome people via internet! 

And since I'm not a fan of classic tons of turistic photos, here's one simple collage, featuring:
PicMonkey Collage by Aadavy
  • Chicago bean and me an Chloe in front of it
  • Me, my brother and Chloe selfie on the Ferris wheel
  • Chicago panorama
  • My shoes standing in the 103rd floor of Willis Tower.
  • Stuff we've bought in Blick art shop and shirt and stickers Chloe's dad gave to me
  • (it was extremely nice family, I couldn't even believe it!)
Ne by Aadavy Flowing Serenity by Aadavy
left - Chicago Field museum
right - Flowing Serenity
Coincidence? I think not. 

See Chloe's ultracute MLP ponies!
And the newer ones she sketched to the Sketchbook we've bought together!
<da:thumb id="552851434"/>  <da:thumb id="552516989"/> 

It was one of the most awesome vacations I've ever been on, thanks to Chloe and thanks to the deviantArt - because of it, I had a chance to meet her!

My birthday pseudo-party

Getting older and older and...
some of you may know that I've had a birthday during August.
But now I want to speak a little about my "birthday party".

We were playing paintball for 4 hours straight and then went to get something to eat. That's everything summed up, I guess.

Funny fact is, that I've met another girl who I've chatted with for few months already that time. She traveled by train just to meet me and be there! That was also one of the nicest things that happened to me! She's really amazing person and I'm looking forward to visit her in the future! ^^ 
And see her art aswell
I didn't mention her because I do it way too often! :D 
Love by anndilek Lurking by anndilek  Though feeling bold final version by anndilek 

Thank you deviantArt. YOU are truly connecting people.


What materials I use and used to use

Mon Aug 31, 2015, 7:52 AM

Hey guys! Since most of you voted for this journal theme in my last poll, here it is! 
I will share with you what I use for:
  • Traditional drawing
  • Traditional painting
  • Papers
  • Digital art
  • Facepainting accessories 
and I will give you an examples of my own artworks where the materials are used. I hope I'll give you some useful tips and you will enjoy this (and I was creating this for more than one hour, so you should better be reading it already! :D )


Let's start with digital art because it's the shortest list.
  1. Wacom intuos 5 touch S
  2. (earlier) Sketch Book Pro 6
  3. (now) Adobe Photoshop CC
Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear  Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon  Sketchbook pro User STAMP by Drayuu
I know why most of the artist use this type of tablet. Because it's simply the best - and if you're not satisfied with your artwork it's because you're not skilled enough and not because of this device. This tablet is pure heaven!
And I wish to be skilled enough :C... 

Digitln by Aadavy
Wacom official site


Sketch Book Pro
 Me and by Aadavy
Nightmares by Aadavy  Little Talks by Aadavy


Untitled by Aadavy
  1. watercolors I've gathered during years (and I don't know how the hell it has happened) and I've used them when I was younger
  2. newer school watercolors Jovi 18
  3. the newest watercolors I own, Jack Richeson's St. Petersburg Watercolors  (I'm really happy with them, I recommend them :) )
  4. aquarel drawing carton, A3, 250g/ (it's really important to have good paper for watercolors)
for white details: Koh-i-noor tempera titanium white, white gelpen Extreme white


King and Lionheart Final by Aadavy Eagle Nebula personificated II. by Aadavy
Tiny watercolor practice by Aadavy
Crying Arachnophobic by Aadavy Blizzard by Aadavy

another tip: I'm not sure with watercolors that much yet, the book I find really helpful (and I usually hate art tutorial books) is this one

Can be found here
you can discover a lot of things about blending, techniques, papers & tools you haven't known before, it's easy on the eye, neat, simple yet effective and it's faster than trying to find really good tutorials or tips like these on the internet :) 


Untitled by Aadavy
KOH-I-NOOR stuff
Prismacolor sweeties
Stamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfear  Stamp - Colored pencil user by griffsnuff 
  1. Jolly SUPERSTICKS XXL BOXX - yeah, coloured pencils for kids. I have got weird addiction to them. They are incomplete, reffiled with other old pencils...and mine!
  2. Prismacolor Premier 36 - The most proffesional stuff I have got at home. They even need a special way to sharpen them and they're simply amazing.
  3. KOH-I-NOOR Hardtmuth 9B - 3B - I've been using them for a long time until..
  4. Prismacolor Premiere Turquoise 12 came. 
  5. KOH-I-NOOR Aquarell are really good pencils to draw with even without water, they are creamy and they have got really vibrant colors, together with the bigger set of Progresso Aquarell woodless sticks, also from KOH-I-NOOR.


Love wins - selfportrait (13 hours) by Aadavy Floral Luck by Aadavy
The Old Pakistani Man drawing by Aadavy
My little leopard :) by Aadavy
 Cheshire cat by Aadavy  Alternative horns by Aadavy 

Untitled by Aadavy
Art Geek Stamp by xoxostudios
Travel & School pack
  Triocolor KOH-I-NOOR 12, Faber-castell Triangular 30
     I use these when I'm on longer vacation or I want to draw something properly at school, since the color spectrum is carefuly chosen and they can be neatly stored (Faber-castell) or they're with soft pencil leads (Triocolor)

 Sweet-Pea by Aadavy
Luminescent colors Creall GLOW
The night effect is interesting and vivid. On the other hand, you need really strong light to shine on it during the day if you want to fully enjoy it and that's not always possible. Buy just the green/yellow color, the pink and blue ones don't shine enough.
Pizap.com14297165764031 by Aadavy
Woodles Progresso
  Again from Koh-i-noor, easy to store, vibrant colours, can be pretty sharp, on the other hand they can easily break themselves if you're not careful.

best existing rubber ever, from Koh-i-noor. 

For details
  Centropen nd Pentelpen fine liners, White permanent Centropen

  For big black and dark places in your artwork, or for linearts.
Love wins - selfportrait (13 hours) by Aadavy Raventhoughts by Aadavy


except for that aquarel drawing carton (mentioned above), I use these:


Strathmore Toned Gray (118g/m²)
Mad World by Aadavy The Old Pakistani Man drawing by Aadavy
It's really amazing because it gives you an opportunity to highlight and darken at the same time, that will give the depth to your drawing.

Strathmore Bristol paper is the smoothest paper I've ever touched, it's really made for sharp and precise pencil strokes.
I'm looking forward to post something drawn on it soon.

Black Koh-i-noor paper is also pretty fun, because it's an experience to draw with white on black and not with black on white!

Owlie-coloured by Aadavy

Most of my gallery is drawn on regular office paper, sadly (80 g/m² - see the difference when you compare it to the other papers? The hardness of those papers is the reason why I was drawing on the watercolor paper with pencils before I got Strathmore papers.)

Watercolor paper
Love wins - selfportrait (13 hours) by Aadavy Floral Luck by Aadavy Ghibli tribute by Aadavy
Office paper
Eyarth by Aadavy Bob Marley by Aadavy My little leopard :) by Aadavy


Untitled by Aadavy
  1. Fake blood - Eulenspiegel dark
  2. Eulenspiegel Mastix glue, removal
  3. Eulenspiegel facepaint colors 24
  4. tons of regular make-up sh*t, mascara, eyeshadows...
I use pretty much everything that can you put on your face, including toilet paper, flour, plasticine...every single piece of facepaint would need it's own journal. :D but Eulenspiegel colors will do for most of easier facepaints and you can create awesome things on your face with them.


Grin by Aadavy Grommash Hellscream make-up by Aadavy  Boom by Aadavy 


And finally, here you can see my desk :)
Untitled by Aadavy
Untitled by Aadavy
That's my own invention :D I am just too lazy to get up and use the normal big rubbish bin. I use Angelo when I'm sharpening my pencils or eating fruit with stones. 

Autor's note

And remember. You don't need proffesional stuff to be proffesional. Really expensive pencils and equipment won't make you a better artist. They will just help you to create the effect you want to create and capture. If you have struggles with realism, anatomy, coloring, ANYTHING, materials won't make it disappear. 
You can create amazing things just with pencils and paper for kids or ballpoint pen from your office.

I hope you've enjoyed this, you can vote in my poll for the next journal theme :) 

Getting older and older and...

Wed Aug 26, 2015, 11:50 AM

Bez nzvu-1 by Aadavy

You know guys, I don't like my birthday that much, I find this day pretty terrifying and it's always quite horrible for me. But when I came to the dA today, my heart seriously melted from you all.
Frozen - Olaf's Shy Icon 
the cutest birthday wish I've got today, thank you so much Michael! 

Reznor by Aadavy
in real life, I don't eat cakes or sweet stuff that much but this was the most delicious cake I've ever had :) 

Lumirsky by Aadavy
:iconmichaelangelaii: and :iconairena14:
thank you so much for the 
Points , you go girls!
that was the coolest song for this day, it's rocking metalling! 
Nem Guitar red 
and the most unexpected birthday gift I've ever got in my life
from amazing :iconcpointspoint:! Thank you so much for the birthday wish aswell C.S., but nothing can beat this! 

Strawberry Queen by CpointSpoint
(based on my autoportrait Love wins - selfportrait (13 hours)
The picture itself is already on my wall and the wall seems much prettier now :)
PicMonkey Collage by Aadavy 
and many thanks to you guys aswell, it has really made my day :) 
:icondarksparkle1808: :iconmvcreation: :iconrasaiva: :iconkabouterpollewop: :iconlilithaya: :icontailor-stitch: :iconhpmarocsvp: :iconloloalien: :iconlyl13life: :iconhydromelking: :iconsecretsofaphrodites: :iconpikirha: :iconlili-tomato: :iconimakegoodsushi: :icontigressstripe64: :iconjackcornelius: :iconwellduhh: :iconmaficws: :icon3dshe: :iconzimmyrose: :iconbillianna: :icondeafeningpurrs: :iconcamiwin: :iconrandomgamerlol: :iconmiss-dreamerkat: :iconhanzohattorii: :iconpugio-signifer: :iconminuya: :iconnoxfairy: :iconluz-vi-minda: :icona-chan-the-great: :icon1cupcake4: :iconmock1ngb1rd: :iconmonmonne: :iconthe-artist-incognito: :iconlilikoii: :iconyoshitura: :iconerniewolf: :iconstarlightxsword: :iconfoxybeatz: :iconmvcreation: :icontakiako-nakashi:
:iconmischief-mellisa: & :iconcookie405:  :) 
:iconengleheart: (soo many cakes! ^^ )
:iconmusiriam: (I'm blushing, friend! :3 )
:iconrowidaxoxo: (thanks both times sweetie!) 
:iconthesisters2: (from you both, thanks for the TRIPPLE wish! yeah, I read shoutbox too!)
special thanks to :iconlola-in-the-black: for so nice birthday wish!

Lola by Aadavy
I understand Lola, in our language it is "Všechno nejlepší", we've got quite similar birthday wishes then! :) 
random pretty accurate someecards:
Images by AadavyLarge by Aadavy1382634941684440 by Aadavy

(as a present for me, visit each other's profiles
and give + llama emoticon ,+fav & Added to my devWatch! please, share the dA love and stuff :) )
and if you're feeling extra generous, write here who new have you watched and why (not just to get points, please) 
I'll give 2 Points to the first 25 deviantartists who will fulfil this :)

Help me please, you can!

Thu Aug 20, 2015, 6:53 AM

Vote here! (now you don't need to find my pictures in that enormous gallery, they can be quickly found both here ^^) 

It's an art contest in our country, everyone can vote and the second submission of mine was just freshly finished! :) 

 (just push the Heart  symbol few times - yeah, you can vote more times per day, so please, give me 'em votes) 

Untitled by Aadavy
Untitled by Aadavy
if anyone is curious, the writing on the first one means "Be creative", the spaces are for the Frixion pens

I'd love to have my own billboard :) And I promise, if I'll have one, I'll take a photo with it and post it here. And if not, I'll let these two pictures sink in the deep depths of dA :P


Tue Aug 18, 2015, 12:31 PM

Hey guys. I've decided that I will be gone for a while (Ok, at least three days :D, let's be realistic) to create all the stuff I have got in my head (that will take probably more than 50 hours of drawing.) and to take better and more quality of photos of something I've already created. 

You can be looking forward to:


  • FINISHED work in progress
Mad World by Aadavy Mad World progress by Aadavy
  • better photo of
 Flowing Serenity by Aadavy
  • detailed portrait of my grandma made with pencils on bristol board
Untitled by Aadavy
  • random watercolor stuff (nebulas, forrests, my boyfriend w/ bassguitar)
  • doodle with Frixion pen will be posted soon
  • "Draw this again meme" (with this glass)

Glass of water by Aadavy


    • Hipster John Amos Commenius
    • cute couple hug artwork (possibly August Hero Challenge) 
    • cute "Virtual help" artwork
    • trapped fairy in a Paris streetlamp
    • finish Nightmares by Aadavy 


  •  different kinds of injuries, zombie-like things
  • colorful stuff
  • Terminator
  • Sylvannas Windrunner


  • Chicago vacation + dA connecting people
  • My new and old art supplies and materials (tips for you!)
  • Horns series explanation

Aaand, if you have got time, definitely check :iconimaginerain9731: and his adopts, Ovaxes

here:  Planet Based Ovaxes - 20 Points - Open by ImagineRain9731 and   Ten Point Original Species Adopt [1/2 OPEN] by ImagineRain9731

My Roommate Totoro

Sun Aug 16, 2015, 4:12 AM
  • Listening to: Mort - Terry Pratchett, audiobook

Untitled by Aadavy
    Amazing :iconatalialight:, the founder of :iconghibli-geeks: (feel free to visit and watch both ^^) had posted a package on July 14th that has come to my house on July 27th and probably survived really interesting adventure.
Img-3059 by Aadavy
(because to travel more than half of the globe is pretty amazing!)
Untitled by Aadavy
To receive this was one of my best dA moments. The package included plushie Totoro bag and Hook & Loop binding wires and lot of my own happiness. 

It was the prize I've won for my 2nd place with my Miyazaki fanart some time ago :)

Ghibli tribute by Aadavy

   I will proudly wear the bag to the school trips. ^^ 


Sun Aug 9, 2015, 1:51 PM

1.   How long have you been on DeviantArt?

      I made my first account when I was 12 or 13. I didn’t really use it, though. I’ve started using deviantArt properly when I’ve created this one.

2.   What does your username mean?

      It’s a garbled phrase of my nickname and my surname.

3.   Describe yourself in three words.

      Maniacal cynical something-like-artist

4.   Are you left or right handed?

      Right handed. I’m always right (hehehe)

5.   What was your first deviation?

      Iron Lion Zion by Aadavy

6.   What is your favourite type of art to create?

      Well…strange ideas that I day-dream of or dreamed about.

      As Gogh said, I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.

      …except for the fact that I usually draw. :D

7.   If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

      Digital art, definitely. 
     ...or giving your life a purpose. That's an art. 

8.   What was your first favourite?

      I honestly can’t remember :(

9.   What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

      Browse my favourites to see! 
   >>Here, since you're lazy and I know it<<

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    On the art side, I'm not a faithful fan of someone particular, (like - I don't need to get their signature etc.) I like various types of deviations and various types of artists. 

      I met lots of artists from my own country and every single one of them is really inspiring, a to ani nejsem nacionalista, ale Češi na deviantartu postrádají tu typicky českou stránku, která je někdy vysoce nervydrásající, přízemní a kritická. Díky lidi, že si tu s vámi můžu popovídat i v mateřštině :)

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

      I’ve already met Chloe :iconwintereousflame: and she was part of the most amazing vacation in my life that I’ve had and she was the reason, why it was so awesome – I thank her for it so much!

      And this lady :iconanndilek: here, the meeting is another „work in progress“ already!

      And probably Jamie :iconjdlonelyghost:, because he seems to be so intellectual and nice like no one ever (and he also kicked me up with my art creations, big thanks to you Jamie!)

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

      :iconbabysync: with an amazing heart-warming mesagge that has been sent long time ago :)

      And again :iconanndilek: , because of her unrelenting corespondence with me. Mental progress +320 xp

      Also :iconandroid-shooter: because it’s always interesting to hear some piece of wisdom :)

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

      My hands. Like - you couldn't create anything without them, right?

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

      In those deep waves of music.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

      When this got a DD. I literally screamed and ran around our house and almost strangled my own brother. 

    Love wins - selfportrait (13 hours) by Aadavy

 Happy birthday deviantart DeviantArt !
You're about a year younger than me, hehe!


Do you live in Chicago? HELP ME!

Sun Jul 26, 2015, 12:19 PM
  • Listening to: rain and thunders
  • Eating: tomatoes

Hi. Me and my brother are going to be in Chicago next week. We want to visit the Golds gym, different art and music shops and cinemas aswell but we are open to any tips that you guys might have.

Pretty please! Were you in Chicago? What did you like the most? What do you recommend us to visit? 

Of course we can google that but it would be nice to hear some advice from normal human being, not from impersonal internet websites.

Also, if anyone likes to meet new people and want to be our guide, please, contact me via note!

    Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! I can give you one original drawing that I've made as a reward, if you'd like to! Meow :3  (except for Horns series and Cheshire cat - MY PRECIOUUUS )

Help us! We will be so grateful!

(also, please share this if you know anyone who lives in Chicago)  

Win 500 points!

Sat Jul 25, 2015, 7:55 AM

DD? Me? Really? I got a DD? WHOAH!

Fri Jul 17, 2015, 7:28 AM
  • Listening to: rain and thunders
  • Eating: tomatoes

and I'm aware this article is probably a big tl;dr, don't worry
I'm just happy
I honestly don't know what should I say. I was just so surprised, I wanted to receive a DD during summer holidays (or overall a DD) but it was just like a tiny tiny dream, "I wish I had wings", "I wish I saw AC/DC live", "I wish an infinitely full fridge" that stuff you want to achieve but you know inside your heart that it's more than impossible. 

I mean, heh, there are over 32 000 000 users and their 5451319531541362662 deviations. But mine got a Daily Deviation spotlight. I know that there must be lots of people who think that it's not something extra and it shouldn't receive a DD, you must know that feeling when you go through DDs and tell yourself something like "Dafuq? This is supposed to be art?!" I completely understand you.

It's stil something so unbelievable to me. My feedback is now full of positive comments, favs and new watchers and I'm looking forward to reply to all of them. 

But I thank especially :iconwildphoenix22: and :iconjempavia:, Wildphoenix22 for nomination and jempavia for the feature. You guys have made my day :) 

As I said, I'm really looking forward to spend few hours replying (you know, I could be stalking on Facebook or doing some stupidities or such including researching my toes or playing with watermelon before I would actually eat it) because I think it's definitely not wasted time. I love to communicate with people all over the world, I know I can't see you, I know that in fact, it's not true communication at all, but simply the action of sending your mesagge to someone who is on completely opposite side of Earth and returns it is magical.
On the other hand, I'm not quite sure when I will be able - okay, okay, I'm always able to reply  - when I will reply to everything, because I art before I write :D 

I'm already working on another piece, hope you will like it too and I promise, I'll reply soon! 

Snapchat timelapse video

Sun Jul 12, 2015, 2:39 PM
  • Listening to: Prayer in C


I've listened Prayer in C for 7 hours. SEVEN HOURS. 
And of course I'll post a single deviation when I'll have photo of more quality, so stay tuned! :) 

Autoportrait - backstage story

Thu Jul 2, 2015, 2:54 PM
Hey guuys!
Well, I was quite surprised from the poll I've made recently (not the one about marihuana, tho Weed. )

Bez nzvu by Aadavy

It seems like most of the people (I know that just 32 people said their opinion in the poll but it's stil clear result because I was one of those two person who voted for no :D ) would like to see my work in progress! So why not to start with the latest image I've made!

So enjoy this long post with 14 big pictures about my Love wins - selfportrait (13 hours)
All tools and particular colors what I've used are included

Untitled by Aadavy

Untitled by Aadavy

Untitled by Aadavy

Untitled by Aadavy

Untitled by Aadavy

Here you can see as the light is changing from day to night...following picture is taken with table lamp light

Untitled by Aadavy

Untitled by Aadavy

Untitled by Aadavy

And again, from night to day (about 5:38 am)

Untitled by Aadavy

Untitled by Aadavy

Untitled by Aadavy

And everything is neatedly and precisely put in this collage!

 PicMonkey Collage1 by Aadavy

and here is the deviation itself, scanned:

Love wins - selfportrait (13 hours) by Aadavy
You can purchase the progress photos and most of all, the references for 50 Points! :)
I think it's also available as a print but I'm not sure if someone really wants to have this at home :D 

So yup, that's everything summed up :)
And if anyone wants to tell me how their life is going, what are they up to or how they are doing, please, tell me, I'm really looking forward to know it! :)