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Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams for :iconjojuki: Dreaming on a Cloud by Jojuki

She's about 2 1/4 inches tall

I'm really happy with the airbrushing on her! :la: 

I shouldn't have gone off the printed reference for the eye color >.< I made the darker part of her eyes bronze rather than pink. >.<  I didn't realize this mistake until just this minute lol whoops. I think it still looks good though, even if the color is a little off.

Check out the WIPs!
Lucid Dreams WIP by aachi-chan

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Aug 5, 2014, 6:23:55 PM
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wow this is amazing
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where buy ithis?
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I made this special for someone so it's not for sale. thank you for the interest in it :D
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Man. I can't believe I never commented on this. QAQ You made me breathless looking at her. ;w; Your painting is just so accurate and smooth. I really love the airbrushing too. 
Gosh. I need to finish my part soon! Why am I so slow!!!!!!!
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I'm glad you like her! I'm pretty happy with the airbrushing on her :D

Don't stress about it :D I've been pretty slow at sculpting lately too lol I know how other things can get in the way of artwork a lot. :D
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Wow your sculpt are so lovely and you get them so perfect and beautiful
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thank you :D I try my best :D
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i know later can i send you a note to see how much a sculpture will cost for one of my pony oc? (She is an alicorn)
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sure :D just send me a note when you're ready :D
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ok i might not have enough money so once I get the price from you I might have to save up and come back to you . is that ok?
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alright thank you so much I will send a note in as soon as I have my picture done completely:happybounce: 
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The sculpture looks fantastic, and this OC is really beautiful <3
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thanks :D I really enjoyed making this character. especially the pretty colors in her hair :D
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Although i do sculpting not that often, one day i hope to reach your skill level. ^.^b
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You can do it :D You just have to keep practicing and researching new techniques to find what works for you :D
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Ohmigosh! This is beautiful!
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absolutely freaking GORGEOUS! I love how her mane and tail turned out with the ombre look and her almost seductive expression haha
Wonderfully detailed and I love the pastel coloring.
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