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Lilac Sky and Sunlight Spring

Cheerleading ponies Lilac Sky and Sunlight Spring for :iconvickifox:

They are about 3 1/2 inches tall. They are made with Aves Apoxie sculpt for the core around the wire armature and to add strength to the fine details. Most of them is sculpted using a mixture of Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm. They are airbrushed with a flat undercoat of white and then hand painted, the base is airbrushed with a pearlescent green. Since you can't see their cutie marks in the show it was recommended by VickiFox to make them have marks related to cheerleading, so one has pom poms and the other has a basic cheeleading megaphone.


See the WIPs here
Cheerleader ponies wip by aachi-chan
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Wow, they are amazing!
Excellent work all around!
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Aww, they're adorable! :heart:
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Aww, lovely cheerleaders. :) And now we can see them from their sides too, looking at their cutie marks, sexy. :)
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I'm glad you like them :D
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Those cheerleaders are hot, of course I like them. :)
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Gorgeous work, very show-accurate. 
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This is amazing!

I'm so envious someone else commissioned this! 
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Though, Sunlight's cutie mark is the same as Cloud Kickers. ^^;…
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These two are really cute, and you did well mirroring each other. Impressive making them stand up like that without falling over.
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thanks :D their wire armatures stick out from the bottom of their feet so they stay standing up on the base :D
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Our team just WON
We ain't no DEER
Our cheer is FULL
Put it together
Go Ponyville!

Many thanks!
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I'm glad you like them! :la:
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Very cool work, i love it.
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thank you :D
but what's brohoof?
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You really don't know?
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someone else told me what it is so I know now :D
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Sorry for the last two comment :P My net a bit lagged and i sent 2 times. But i see now Vickifox explain for you.
Soo yust keep it up. You create very nice ponies.
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You really don't know?
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