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It's Faaa . . .no, I can't do it. Can't make Fat Albert joke.
I like this rendition of her. Although if Rarity sees this, she'll start crying. Then she'll eat a ton of ice cream, which will make her look like this sculpture. Life will then imitate art.
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You must make my oc one day. she has the same body type 
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The empty ice cream tubs are a nice humorous touch. You did a good job on this, and making Rarity more... Ahem, "rubenesque." (As she would probably call it.)

;p Now she can make "plus-size" dresses.
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Looks great!

...Maybe she should go easy with the ice cream ^^;
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that should have been in the show:XD:
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very smooth looking, what did you use to make her?
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i used super sculpey medium blend :D and I sanded her a lot with sandpaper sponges
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well you did a nice job on it:)
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