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Apple Bloom Final


Her eyes are really glossy, so it was difficult to take pictures with the reflection in them.

She is a little less than 3 inches tall from the bottom of her base to the top most part of her head. Her base is a little less than 3 inches in diameter.

You can see the work in progress photos here
Apple Bloom Wip by aachi-chan

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Mar 13, 2014, 10:03:17 PM
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Awwwwwww thats the cutest!
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D'aawww, so cute! :D
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This is so cute! :la: Michelle would love this! :D
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I love the joyful look in her eyes, and even just the way she's sitting tells how happy she is. Great work on the gentle butterfly too. It's a beautifully sweet scene.
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thank you :D if I do something like this again I'd like to put more detail into the butterfly. Maybe spots or more delicate wings :D
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Have you ever considered making a Trixie?
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I would eventually like to make at least one of each of all the popular characters at some point :D next on my list is a couple of Scootaloos and a Rainbow Dash and then a Flutterbat :D
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I can't wait to see 'em!
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I'm glad you like my work! :excited: It always makes me feel better when people tell me they like what I make :D
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I do! I'd buy one too if I could afford it.
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:D I well I hope to make a molded and casted pony kit in the next few months with an indiegogo project that people will be able to get pieces and assemble and paint their own OC pony for a cheaper price than what I can offer as a custom. 
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Will you be doing zebra and gryphon parts?
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I might make a gryphon kit later if the ponies do well but I definitely do intend to make some zebra parts :D 
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Wow, cutest and best Applebloom sculpture I ever saw!
This is not for sale, right?
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Thanks :D
She was for sale but someone bought her about a week or two ago.
I'm going to be making more ponies and most will be for sale on ebay :D I always post links to the auction when I have a new one up :meow: I'll be making a couple of Scootaloo's and  Flutterbat soon :D
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Scootaloo sounds awesome! :iconscootaloopony:
Do you also accept commissions for such ponies?
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well I'm not officially accepting new commission right now because I have so much stuff to do, but I can do for you like I'm doing for the first scootaloo figure I'm making, which is you can request a pose for her and when I get around to making her you can have the first chance at buying her directly from me :D That way, I won't feel stressed to complete a commission when I've got all my other projects and homework to do :D
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