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Grindylow 2 of each Stages 1-4 for :iconphilipdraco:

Eeveelutions for :iconphilipdraco:
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Litten for :iconnlpzdudeyt:
Gengar for :icondash02:

Paint job of a 3D print for :iconspycrab777:

Pokemon for :iconstarfiregal92:
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baby dragon


My journal skin coding done by :iconmetterschlingel:

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Main DA ID drawn by my husband :heart:
Chibi Aachi and chibi Narcissa by :icondare2dreammedia:

Backgrounds images, texts and other style images made by me.

So I'm excited! Saturday I'm getting Lasik to fix my vision finally! When I got my glasses a month or two ago I asked for info on Lasik and they referred me to a place. I went out of town for a free consultation in Kansas City (and I didn't know I had the flu so right after she started checking my vision I threw up in their office and had to stay in a hotel overnight). I went up the following week to finish a consultation and they said I'm good for Lasik and I got a 20% teacher discount for teaching Chinese kids English online and also $700 off in two other discounts I got. So it's gonna be $3050 which we will put on our Care Credit card. Which we shouldn't really get an additional monthly bill but talking with my husband we decided that it's better to fix my vision now. If I wait too long I'll turn around and be right back into glasses even if they're reading glasses. I want at least a few years of my life not needing glasses. So I'm excited! A while back I found my pair of Oakley sunglasses I used to wear when I wore contacts that my boyfriend at the time got for me (from like 10 years ago). My brother had stolen them from my room at my dad's house and damaged the lenses badly. I just got new lenses from Amazon today and I'm ready to wear them again! I'm pretty excited to finally be able to see! No more not knowing how dirty the shower is while I'm actually taking a shower! LOL 

My stomach problems seems to be getting under control for the most part with the new medicine. It's very hard to take since I have to take it so far from food or other medicines but it's 'as needed' and it does seem to be helping. 

Last week I went to the doctor for migraines that have been popping up since Thanksgiving. She had me do an MRI just as a routine check but it's been a week and I haven't heard anything yet which gives me anxiety. I'm sure they're probably just backed up with work but every day I wait to hear makes me more nervous O_o

I got a new computer tablet for drawing/3d modeling, I've been using my old tablet for my ESL classroom on my laptop since I started. That way I can write on the slides for class. I haven't used my new one yet. I want to but I'm having a hell of a hard time getting myself motivated and/or inspired. I haven't really done anything creative for ages. I don't know what to do to fix myself. My contractor bailing on me last year was really a punch in the gut. While I worked for them they were very picky about every tiny detail so that made me not very motivated for other creative work, then they bailed and more or less went out of business and that seems to have just kicked me while I was down. It's not really their fault, I'm sure they are depressed about their business going down. But I don't know how to get myself going again. I thought maybe I could try drawing, which I haven't done in years, but I just end up staring at the blank screen in PaintTool Sai >_< Sculpting in clay and Zbrush feels overwhelming for some reason. I'm thinking about maybe easing myself into stuff by getting an anime garage kit to paint just for my own fun or something. I'm not sure. I'm also hoping having good eyesight finally will make me feel better and maybe give me some motivation.


family coming to visit this week. Don't know what we'll do but it'll be fun
I've been digging holes for a fence lol. Gonna take the fence from our fixer upper house and put it over here so the dogs can run around the yard without being on a line to keep them from running off. It's harder to dig holes than I remember >_< Must be that age thing lol of course part of moving the fence is digging up the corner posts from the house which have a bunch of concrete at the base so this project also includes using a sledgehammer to get that off. I've probably spent a collective 5 hours on the concrete of this one post and I still haven't even gotten half of the concrete off >.< Whoever put the damn thing in must have used some ridiculously strong concrete.
So the Art Institute I graduation from shut down today. like 30 other Ai's have closed down within this last year too. I pray SO MUCH that this could somehow lead to getting my unholy student loan debt that I racked up from those jerks canceled. Bunch of statistics lying, empty promising bastards. I can only imagine being free of that hellish debt. I could actually have a life! and live in a place that I'm not sharing with family! *cries*
The haze in my eyes from my Lasik is slowly healing up and going away. Its still really noticeable when I'm inside and there's artificial lights everywhere. Outside its not too bad. I know it can last up to a few weeks while I continue to heal but it still freaks me out that my vision looks like I'm wearing dirty glasses. 
I'm looking at my activity and I'm trying to figure out why I got a ton of page views on the 22nd. I didn't post any journals or status updates or anything else that day but I got 103 views that day when my normal is less than 20. Kinda weird.


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