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AIMP 3 Skin Editor

New version!

AIMP Skin Editor v3.60, Build 683

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i want this version u.u u can re-upload please? :D
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how I can to use this?
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It keeps giving me this message;

403 Forbidden

please fix.
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Thank you. (:
How to edit .acs3 skin?
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You need to open the project file — * .acs3proj, the editor does't work with assembled skins.
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Link don't work :(
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I updated the links. ;) (Wink) 
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I'll do a tutorial... in one week...!
I'm working on it...!
When I finish it I'll put him here...!
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Hi bro... Where i can find a tutorial to create goods skins for AIMP 3 ? Because i cant create my skin not other skin as base. Thanks and sorry my bad english :D
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How can i edit an already existing skin?
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ya you can dude :joy:
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How converting to creating skins for acs3?
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Aimp3 Skin Editor Shitty Shitty Shitty
it's very nice. thank you! but you can add blur behind support?
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I'm not a developer of skin editor.
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Another AIMP project..
Thanks a lot... :D
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одна из штучек который всегда висит в таскбаре :D
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И не зря висит, хорошие скины делаешь.:#1:
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