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Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (158)
I have received written permission from the original artist (https://www.deviantart.com/taiss14) to repost art that I previously commissioned her to make for me.  She's recently been streamlining her gallery to focus on more recent works, so I reques...
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Some one gave me a free month [for me] of Core Membership entirely of their own initiative.  I have no idea who did [it was done anonymously], but its a nice gesture.  Thank you to whomever gave it to me.    
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Alkanet (http://alkanet.deviantart.com/) has just finished the commission series I was having them do, having just done the Falcon Knight. It depicts Cordelia from Fire Emblem Awakening in all of the character classes that she can access while playin...
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So, you are the guy who placed ALL Caeldori commissions on TattiArt?

God! Such a level of fanaticism for a character commands a certain respect, it's fascinating.

Yep, I am, and I also commissioned art from others too. I got really into such things back in the day, and I acknowledge that I went far at the time, though I was enjoying it.

A bunch of the art pieces from TattiArt were later turned into posters for my dorm room back in my graduate school days. Its kind of pathetic on my part, but I was studying in another country and pretty much all alone there, and adding decor of a favorite character to my tiny dorm room brightened my day. I also enjoyed sharing the art with the broader Fire Emblem community online and seeing the positive reactions (when applicable), and that also helped a bit with my loneliness.

Was it excessive, looking back at it? From an objective basis, yes, I'll freely admit that, but it was fun, it cheered me through those times, and I had enough money that I wasn't putting myself into jeopardy.

Thank you for your answer. Personally I will not judge you. I'm a fan of the Fire Emblem franchise myself (but more of the old snes/gba FE games) and in the old days I could get obsessed with some of the characters.

However, I'm curious, back then TattiArt was already at its current commission prices? To be completely honest I have hesitated several times to ask a commission, I love her work.

I think her prices have gone up; my memory is imperfect, as its been a few years and I was dealing with additional currency conversions due to living in another country, so please do not quote me on this, as I might not have this exactly right.... but I think the pieces were generally running mid-upper 100s USD to low 200s USD, depending on complexity. Looking up a post from 2020 commissions, it looks like her discount prices [obviously lower than her default prices] are more comparable to some of the higher prices I paid back in the day.

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Hello! Hope you're doing alright out there. Crazy days eh? Well at least I'm planning on getting back to writing someday.
Yep, crazy days.   I'm doing well.  
Ah, a fellow Cordelia fan. Just wanted to stop in and say you have good taste!