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Replaced my old profile picture from my old one to instead use an art piece I commissioned from taissonair https://www.deviantart.com/taissonair years back, when they were still Taiss14. Its of the Fire Emblem character Caeldori as a witch. Speaking of Taiss, as a reminder, all the art that is posted in my gallery was made by Taiss, but I was the commissioner of that art and I was given specific written permission from Taiss to post these pieces in my gallery. [She was removing it from her gallery at the time to focus on newer art more reflective of her modern style, so I asked for and was granted permission to re-host it in mine as its commissioner, rather than have it disappear from the site entirely.]
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I have received written permission from the original artist (https://www.deviantart.com/taiss14) to repost art that I previously commissioned her to make for me.  She's recently been streamlining her gallery to focus on more recent works, so I reques...
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Some one gave me a free month [for me] of Core Membership entirely of their own initiative.  I have no idea who did [it was done anonymously], but its a nice gesture.  Thank you to whomever gave it to me.    
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Do you wanna roleplay?

We don't seem to have much overlap of interests as far as I can ascertain, so I will politely decline. Nothing wrong with asking though.

Well, do you like dc comics and loud house?

I don't know what loud house is, and I don't particularly follow DC comics all that much [though some individual characters from works I haven't actually read/followed are attractive, and I have a very loose general familiarity with the character from general pop culture and the occasional movie].

The art thief that I warned you of on their profile just kept up showing up in my feeds as I had favorited some works related to the topics just for the attractive women, separate from the DC stuff, and they had also stolen some stuff from other artists I had followed, so I had been just reporting them and warning others. The thief heavily but not exclusively stole DC comics material, so when you saw me around, that created an impression to you that I was more into DC than I actually am.

Thus, I'm not as familiar with the topics as you might have thought. So I'll pass.

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So, you are the guy who placed ALL Caeldori commissions on TattiArt?

God! Such a level of fanaticism for a character commands a certain respect, it's fascinating.

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Thank you for your answer. Personally I will not judge you. I'm a fan of the Fire Emblem franchise myself (but more of the old snes/gba FE games) and in the old days I could get obsessed with some of the characters.

However, I'm curious, back then TattiArt was already at its current commission prices? To be completely honest I have hesitated several times to ask a commission, I love her work.