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Too Many Guinea Pigs!



Some of the guinea pigs I did for CartoonizeMyPet

Part of my websites deal is to try and draw every conceivable type/color of a pet, so that people don't need to request theirs because it's already there! :)

Well I met my match with Guinea Pigs. There are just too many variations! This is actually a relatively small selection of the ones I've done and the custom requests just keep on coming...!

Quite how crazy I went drawing all of these still makes me smile though. To see them all go to: [link]

Original 3 piggies drawn with pencil & paper, then taken into Flash CS5, tidied and colored (I know I should be using Illustrator, but I find it so clunky compared to Flash.)
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I love all the cute guinea pigs i just wish i could read the words under each guinea pig in the photo rather it is zoomed in or not.