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Hello everyone, I am aaabbbzzz. I love the giantess fetish and try to contribute as much free art as possible for the community. I usually produce in my spare time, which is not much these days, but at least it's something. Hopefully you all enjoy my gallery even if it's not your thing, you might never know it might be. Thank you all for watching!

I do this art on a very thin budget so if you are able to help me out it's always appreciated so much! If not it's okay I want everyone to view my work for free. If you do have spare change though, below are my patreon and gumroad which can help contribute towards assets for daz3d or hardware in the long run.

8000 watchers!

8000 watchers!

I can't believe I have reached a new milestone so quickly. With the new deviantart it's impossible to see the exact number of followers I have now, but it seems to have passed over 8000 this week. This is so crazy to me! Thank all of you for watching my work and supporting me this far through. I can't wait to continue to bring you all more giantess content in the future. Currently I am working on the next Found at the Gym chapter that should be released next friday. Also expected this month is Chapter 6 to start being released here on deviantart on the 28th. I know so many of you have been waiting patiently for it to come out on here, so I am happy to say the wait is almost over! In my spare time I have also been working on designing my very own website. With the support of everyone from here I have decided to take my work to the next level by having my own page where you will be able to find more than you would on my deviantart page. The new eclipse has made me want to turn focus

7000 watchers, wow!

7000 watchers, wow!

Just recently I realized my watcher count shot over 7000. This is another milestone that I did not think I would reach so quickly after going past 6000 back around the holidays. Once again I'd like to thank all of my followers for their support and motivating me to continue on and bring you more comics. Every time I create a new chapter I aim to improve my renders in whatever way I can that my hardware allows me too. During these tough times in the world this is something that uplifts me. You all are the best fans I could ever ask for. As we move on into 2020 expect to see more of the content you all love and that I love to create. Thank you

My friend Giantess Audriana's own page

My friend Giantess Audriana's own page

A little while ago I did a shoot with my friend Audriana and created a giantess comic set with them. I know a lot of people were asking to see more of her so today is your lucky day! She has opened up her own deviantart page where you will find more than just my giantess comics with her. In the future expect to see a lot more pictures of her and whatever she decides to post. The foot lovers will be the most lucky because that is where she is going to center her content for now, but she has told me that a bigger variety of images will come soon. Head on over to her page if you would like to see more of her:

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EleGTSHobbyist Digital Artist
GiantStargirlNew Deviant

omg, one of the size fetish stars is watching me back. :)

Thank you!

wolfie23456New Deviant

Amanda's doll

When's the next release?! :(

I don't mean to rush you... I'm just curious when it will be?

aaabbbzzzHobbyist Digital Artist

It was supposed to be this friday, but I'm having a lot of problems getting it rendered so instead of rushing it out I'm going to just delay until next friday. Normally I try to release every two weeks, but sometimes fall behind since my hardware is starting to fail on me due to it's age

Every two weeks usually?! Got it! Thanks, man! :D :heart:

And hardware issues?

That's a bummer... But with how much you render it seems expected... Haha!

aaabbbzzzHobbyist Digital Artist

Ya it's a hard deadline to get to when a lot of life things get in the way, but I've got in the habit of mainly doing it that way for some time now, I just love to keep making new comics and working with this software, it's been addicting to me.

Haha I know, I'm planning on a hardware upgrade this fall or winter though at least. I've been saving a lot and want to get one of the new nvidia graphic cards, as well as a new processor since my current one has fallen behind. It will be a completely new build and then I'll have the hardware to kick up the quality a bit more as well while I have two computers to render for me.