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Hello everyone, I am aaabbbzzz. I love the giantess fetish and try to contribute as much free art as possible for the community. I usually produce in my spare time, which is not much these days, but at least it's something. Hopefully you all enjoy my gallery even if it's not your thing, you might never know it might be. Thank you all for watching!

I do this art on a very thin budget so if you are able to help me out it's always appreciated so much! If not it's okay I want everyone to view my work for free. If you do have spare change though, below are my patreon and gumroad which can help contribute towards assets for daz3d or hardware in the long run.

Which one is your favorite series? 

142 deviants said Found at the Gym
77 deviants said Becoming her Pet
61 deviants said Adriana's New Toy
59 deviants said University Test Subject
14 deviants said Their Vacation


Becoming her Pet - Chapter 5 Cover

This is the final chapter of my first original series created one year ago almost to the day. It has been an awesome year to learn Daz Studio and create these stories for everyone to see. In this chapter John is taken back to a hotel room by Tara's sister Ciara, where he is tortured in her cruel ways. Later on Tara finds the two and decides to use her power to take revenge on her sister for stealing her little man. For the full description of the chapter read the story below.

Contains foot worship, trampling, shrinking man, shrinking women, and multiple giantesses.

Support my work by purchasing this comic here:
Or visit my patreon where old sets are posted for free and a subscription grants you access to new ones:
It helps me create more free content for everyone

After stealing her sister's tiny man from the table, Ciara made her way back to a hotel room and enters with John in her hand. She immediately throws him down on the ottoman and grows him to about a foot tall to get a better look at him. The little man is picked up and brought closer to Ciara's face where she tells him the horrible things she wishes to do with him. Being carried by the arm, the little man is dragged across the room where Ciara sits on the bed and places him down on the floor. Eye level with her feet and sexy sandals, John thinks that he will actually be enjoying this, but before he can have any fun he is kicked in the chest and launched backwards where he landed on his back in pain.

Unlike other encounters with giant women such as his owner Tara, John actually felt the pain from being tapped by Ciara's foot. She mentions that when she grew him she also added another part to the spell that would allow him to feel the torture for real this time. Now scared with what she might do to him, the little man's thoughts became very worried. Ciara stood up from the bed and raised her foot above John before bringing it down quickly, stomping him into the ground. He screams in pain as he is trampled to the ground beneath her feet. Being big enough for both of her feet to be up top of him, Ciara took her other foot and began to crush his face into the ground, putting all of her weight on the tiny man.

As she went on enjoying her torture session with the new little guy, Ciara decided to remove her sandals and punish him with her bare feet. John wanted to be able to pleasure this goddess by worshiping her feet, but to his demise it was not going to be any fun for him. She began to trample him once again underneath her bale soles. He is crushed against the hard floor and feels everything. The weight of the giant woman was too much for him to withstand. Feeling like his bones would crack he continued to beg her to stop. After some time went on, Ciara eventually lifted her foot off John and told him he had to go meet her sister before she suspected her of taking him. Instead of bringing him along, he is placed into a drawer in the hotel room where he was to wait for her to come back.

Time had passed and soon John started to hear some noises from his prison. It sounded as if someone had entered the room. Hoping he had been rescued, the drawer starts to open, but to his demise he looks up to see Ciara once again looking down at him with an evil smile, but this time dressed down to her bra and panties. She was back to torture him even more. He was lifted out from his cage and thrown onto the bed. Ciara teased him that he would be introduced to her ass right before she jumped into the air coming down on him on the bed with all of her weight. John was pressed against the soft bed, but unable to breath as he was trapped underneath her massive body. Needing air, she eventually would let the little man poke his head out briefly. Still trapped underneath her, she smothered his body some more, laughing as she went on. She was having a great time overpowering the little guy, but her session was about to be interrupted as her sister Tara entered the hotel room.

Tara was suspicious of Ciara taking her little man so she followed her back. Angry with what she saw, Tara casted a spell on her sister shrinking her down to slightly bigger than John. She was picked up by her arm and dragged into the air. Furious about the situation she threw her back onto the bed and mentioned that she would take her to their mother for punishment. Happy to see her little man again, she raised her foot onto the bed where he ran up to her quickly to give her a warm greeting. John was excited to be back with his goddess as he went straight into worshiping her toes. Wanting him smaller, Tara casted a spell making him only a few inches tall. She ordered him to get under her toes so he could ride in her sandal when they would leave the room. Now face to face with her shrunken sister, Tara pointed at her once again and reduced her to nothing but a few inches tall. With Ciara now in her hand, she left the hotel room to meet her mom to show her a surprise.

Their mother Sandy quickly made her way over to Tara's home and made herself a drink out by the pool. She was waiting patiently when Tara arrived back with the two shrunken people. Curious as to what the surprise was, Sandy was shown her daughter only a few inches tall in Tara's hand. She told her mother what she had done and believed she would be the better one to punish her. Not happy with what she was hearing, Sandy agreed to teach Ciara a lesson. She was grabbed from Tara's hand to be taken home by her. Before she would leave, Sandy was curious if Tara's little man was okay. Tara wiggled him out from underneath her toes and allowed John to meet her mother. He was ordered to go over to her feet and give them a welcoming kiss. Excited about the situation, John quickly went over and did as his goddess had asked, planting a passionate kiss on the front of her big toe.

After the kiss, Sandy told Tara that she had to go meet her friend back at her place, and she ensured her that Ciara would be taught a lesson. With her tiny daughter in her hand, she left Tara's home, leaving John and his goddess alone once again. She looked down at her little man and removed her sandal. With her bare foot exposed, she playfully wiggled her toes around in his vision, before gently bringing it down on his body. Now back with his goddess, John was excited to worship her once again. He allowed her feet to overtake his body as he continued the rest of his life as her pet.

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