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My Secret Garden

Hi All.

I was a younger child in my family so there was only me for myself to play as being of adventure mind at backyard of my house i used to go there in my summer vacation ,took my meals and sit under a ting shallow tree and among there was a small pond ,some vegetables grown in small area .As for me i made a little temporary home for me to spare my time there and lots of decors i did there and clean them regularly .
But when my vacations over back to school and all this stuff again i came on week end holiday well,all was taken away by a sweaper ............. :/
After then in my further studies i graduate my art studies and lots of lots fun things i explore .
I Love the start of Autumn when there comes a bit browns tones and some remained greens and colors start to blossom.....

All material is house stuff and my collection i carry in my closet after many years i opened it up and doodle it , its like not realistic but of crafts to Express Autumn jewels.
Well little doll is my friend`s gift i used ..

i just did i it in three days and nights because i checked this contest notice so late and was away with my family .
Okay i Should upload it now meanwhile if time gets over .

So here it is !! :D
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thanks for comments ..actually i got new camera so...exploring it abt its function how properly they are ..
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ahan Good Luck, hope you'll some awesome shots...
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Jaw Dropping...
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Mind blowing work. Loved the overall details and depth..Came here after 3 years and seeing this awesome piece. All the best!
Wowww...niiice!! The artist seems like a very creative person! *impressed!*
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very nice.. indeed!
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in photograph the result aren`t came as these in real r .well i did it any ways ...
many thanks for reply
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cute work, I think with a bit of more contrast and control in color saturation you can make the girl character pops up more, right now she's very hidden. I almost couldn't see her from a distant
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Wow, lovely!
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Really nice work
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aweesome work :D
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