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Today I felt a sudden urge to draw this character :)

Fianna - grey elf from Aphalon RPG.
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Very beautiful, I especially like the lighting.
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Yeah, his expression says a lot...
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Thats a very emotional picture!!
I love the fabric shadow effects!!
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i love the soft coloring and the lighting!
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Love the lighting and her hair and expression. Brilliant!
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man i do really enjoy your art style.
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I'm honoured :3
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cool! I love the way her hair is wispy and sort of glows. And her boots are pretty awesome.
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Thank you ^^
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This is good. But it's digital, why have you put this in traditional?
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Ow... My bad ^^' Thanks, I didn't noticed while uploading :)
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If some1 gonna walk full-length in this forest, he gonna get a branch in da face :P
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This is so beautiful! It feels very lonely and melancholic and pretty. ♥
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Thank you, dear ^^
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:huggle: You're very welcome!
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She is still alive (with others) in hands of Witch Queen Sirdael, maybe someday You will find way to run a mission to Kramgaria - City of Wraiths to save then or just to bury their bodies.
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