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Tekken 7 - Tekken 4 Jin Outfit - Mod [OUTDATED]

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Published: June 2, 2018
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NEW VERSION -> www.deviantart.com/a5tronomy/a…

Here it is - Jin's TK4 outfit for Tekken 7's PC version!

This version replaces the newely realeased "Vagabond" outfit, so everyone has access to it. The Vagabond outfit also allowed me to enable the color customization of the outfit.
Note that the hood physics didn't work. Because of that, there are three extra pak files, which contain three different top parts each - you only need to select one of them though.

Credit belongs where it belongs. Thanks to koenji (kamiyakoenji.deviantart.com) and Natsu (natsu-ken.deviantart.com) for the textures as well as Moruma (JinMasta) and M P L (mattplara.deviantart.com) for the PS4 files!
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bro do you have this stage mod link?

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It's not working, can you fix it please? thank you
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does this works online
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a5tronomyHobbyist Artist
of course :)
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Will other players see the mod or just me

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Better than Natsu made mod! because I didn't buy Bowling DLC  HAHA!
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a5tronomyHobbyist Artist
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DemystormHobbyist General Artist
The color of lying/standing hood remains the default and I can't change it. Is it normal?
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Natsu-KenHobbyist Digital Artist
Only at the moment. But you can try to test this version if you have season pass:

[TEKKEN 7] Tekken 4 Jin by Natsu-Ken
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matt123chezHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for trying to fix the hood stuff, I settled for the lying/resting hood in the end. Seems unlikely we will get the hood physics working though, wish Namco just gave us these T4 costumes. 
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a5tronomyHobbyist Artist
Got the physics working. Im gonna release a new version as soon as I got everything done.
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Glad to contribute to this. Hopefully we can get King working.
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a5tronomyHobbyist Artist
Thanks for your help again! Yeah, let's work on it at some point! :)
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Thanks !!

Mabye can you swap the santa hood...
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a5tronomyHobbyist Artist
I could do that as seen here:

Tekken 7 - Tekken 4 Devil Jin Hoodie - Mod by a5tronomy

I can't enable the color customization then though
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a5tronomyHobbyist Artist
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I've been refreshing the Discord for days now, just to find the hoodie today. You've done it, thank you from the bottom of my soul!

If I understand though we can't have the hood standing at first and have it lay down after a few hit like in the PS4 version?
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a5tronomyHobbyist Artist
No problem! 

You have three option to choose from.
- JinTK4Hair_P.pak: enables the Hair only
- JinTK4LyingHood_P.pak: enables the Hair and hood laying on Jin's neck/shoulder
- JinTK4StandingHood_P.pak: enables the Hair and the hood on Jin's head

So no, there's not a option with the physics stuff yet, sorry
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Amazing work! Will you be doing the king outfit as well?
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a5tronomyHobbyist Artist
Thanks! Yeah, I could give it a try!
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a5tronomyHobbyist Artist
You're welcome!
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You sir, Just made my day, thank you!
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