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First post!

Full 3DCG1920 × 1080px
Quality Level:1.3 Antialiasing:13 ■Rendering time:38 hours

Software used = Terragen 2 
Background [link]
Background data (c) European Southern Observatory:ESO contributors, CC BY 3.0 (Id:eso0932a)

license management of this work is entrusted to COPYTRACK.


Dear all the members of deviantART user,

It's extremely regrettable that my ECLIPSE was used here on Facebook without my permisson.
I can't say what I have in mind since I'm not good at English.
In the case that you found any websites that infringe my copyright,including the link above,if possible,it would be very helpful if you could warn any copyright infringers not to use my work instead of me.
Moreover,informing me of the sites via e-mail will be helpful as well.

Sincerely yours,

3D model SNS 【Cg】・pixiv

(Translation by Mark)
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Durung a solar eclipse the Audry Heads stir...

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Very pretty! I love it! I really like the glow of the horizon, the glow behind the moon, and the starry sky.
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This is absolutely stunning!

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i think of this when i think of the letter a btw join the minecraft gamer club
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How can I get a license to use this image? and If I had used it before:
- Do I have to delete it from my web page?
- Do I have to pay any compensation?
- Is there any way to get a post-license?
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Please check here too…

btw congratulations for the amazing job :D
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Here's some links where they have stolen your image:……

Good luck shutting these ripoff artists down.
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How do people even "shut them down" or remove them?

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the cloud ! so detailed !
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Pink Floyd - "Everything under the sun is in tune, but the su  is eclipsed by the moon." - excerpt from "Eclipse", last track on The Dark Side of the Moon.

Veil of Maya - Eclipse 

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I likeee👌👌🔥🔥
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Thanks for the new wallpaper.
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Still impressive to look at, even if just artist rendering of an eclipse.
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I love that Eclipse.
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