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Caught on the Trick Stair by A3ulez Caught on the Trick Stair by A3ulez
Edit: The image if you click is pretty big to show the details since you can't even tell the space between the lines otherwise. Like I said, the real one was pretty big.

This is one of my favorite scenes in the Harry Potter series, when Harry is caught on the trick stair in the Goblet of Fire. Not only is there an intense bit of "oh-no(/yes!!!!!!!!)-Harry's-going-to-get-busted-by-Snape," but we find out more about the best character in the series. Unfortunately, looking at fanart destroyed the surprise before I read it, so I won't go past that. (I don't know if it's even considered a secret anymore O.o?) Filch is on the left, Norris and Potter center, and Snape on the right. This is seen through the eye of Moody, so I put Harry in gold ink. It took about 24 hours to ink since it was massive, and it was my first time ever using ink.
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RaelynKitty Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2006
I love this. This scene in the book is, in my opinion, one of the best scenes JK ever wrote. You capture it well. The composition is great; Harry in gold, and the look on his face is so "Oh shyt!!" And for your first time using ink, this was quite an endeavour! The stairs could have used a bit less strokes in order to let Mrs. Norris come out more, but I'm certainly not being nit-picky. The first time I inked a picture, it practically turned into a puddle. :x I might be inspired to draw my own version of how I saw that scene, I do love it so. :heart:
A3ulez Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2006
I'd love to see that =) Your coloring is amazing. It's one of the few scenes 50 bajillion people haven't already covered.
RaelynKitty Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2006
*Starts brainstorming* Hmm... I wonder what prompt I can put that in?
desiderata848 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2005  Professional Artist
Wow this is good for a first time ink user :D plus you get the humour of the scene right away (well I thought it was funny), and the gold ink shows that harry is under his invisibility cloak really well :) Tis cool.
A3ulez Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2005
Oh yeah! I think it's funny =) Ms. Norris is sniffing, but it looks like she's looking under Snape's night shirt. That's what I'd be doing ^^ Thanks for the fav!
blastedgoose Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thats awesome! i love how u made harry a diff color. really makes him stick out, almost like a ghost.
A3ulez Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2005
Thank you!! The other color is actually why the resolution is so bad though. I may have to scan it in again, but when I put it up on FAC, the file was too big so I had to lower the quality to be able to keep the gold coloring >.< Stupid FAC!
DaraGallery Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005
Wow, very striking style. Nice detail on the faces. The expressions are great too. The cat's head is a little lost in all the stairway detail though, but understandable if you're experimenting with ink. :)
A3ulez Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005
Yes, experiment is a very good word, hehe! Thank you all the same ^^
felegund Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2005
That part of the book freaked me out so much! I can remember actually clossing the book and putting it down, and then picking it up to read again right away. :)

Awesome perspective! :D
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July 24, 2005
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