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Custody- SH fanfic
"I'll have him every two weeks then-" Disheveled- limbs branching over the entire settee, Sherlock Holmes had ceased to move, breath, or pluck notes from his violin strings as he thought out his request. "-and see him on the weekends." He added his amendment quickly, watching as his best friend gathered together the last of his things into a wooden trunk. "Surely Mary will not want a dog wandering around the house- think of the gas he passes. It's offensive to a lady."
Watson narrowed his eyes as he dropped a medical volume on top of a pile of shirts he'd found in the detective's wardrobe. "This is not a custody battle, Holmes- Gladstone is my dog, and he'll be coming with me. You don't even like him unless it suits you- when you need a warm body to perform experiments on. And I should think it would amuse you to no end that his gas /would/ offend my wife." He shook his head, a small smile twitching into his lips.
"He's –our- dog."
"Can you tell me what responsibility you have eve
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