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Windows Metro Visual Style

By a2zed

1.Patch your system with this tool.

2.Paste the theme into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and apply from personalise option.
© 2012 - 2021 a2zed
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diman240470's avatar
Спасибо за тему! Корректно сделана, рамки выделения, уголки все четко, никаких багов. Белое меню пуск очень хорошо смотрится. Единственный баг который заметил, в базовом варианте отсутствует иконка учетной записи. Попробовал много тем, но после этой ничего искать не хочу. Автору респект!
hey guys!! I found a great link.. it worked for me I'm using windows vista and windows 7 in vista you can't have a taskbar and startmenu like windows 10 but in windows 7 you will have a star button menu like windows 10 menu and like boxes in diff. colors.. the link>>>IT;S ONLY A TRANSFORMATION BUT IT WORKED..>>… and… NOTE!! the first link is for windows vista>7>8>8.1..but the second link is for 7>8> and 8.1 only..FIRST!!download both files.. and extract both using winrar>recommended..>>Second>>run the win 10 ux pack then just follow the instruction just in the checking section slect the winmetro..then run and just wait.. and ok to restart it.. after that run the transformation pack and follow the intruction and check the winmetro>>and ok to restart it and wait..and go to personalize and pick your theme for windows 10..…
if you can't get it.. watch just show the transformation not the ux>>
Ravindutharuka's avatar
This Is working on Vista ???
Hey, just wanted to know how I can edit the Aero theme for this
hamza62240's avatar
I patch it, And it fks up my computer.

Like when i patch then restart, my computer always gets fkd up my computer by, It stays on the please wait... and flashing forever. i need to use system restore do revert it back.

it's for windows 7 and it's working for me and others
hamza62240's avatar
Not for me, it just fcks up my computer
im sure there's something wrong in your system or you're doing something wrong
hamza62240's avatar
No, I am on Windows 7 32 bit, i patch all three files and i restart, it just, BoOm.s up!...

I have a old Dell OptiPlex 745.

My computers slow so i cannot explain you my specs.
BenSow's avatar
Awesome theme man! Featured in [link] !
BobbyPhoenix's avatar
Request if possible. Please add the button outlines for the min, max, close. And/or add an additional version for it. Also if you could make a version with the basic buttons for the aero version that would be awesome. I love the aero version, but the red button next to the other buttons just sticks out too much for me by itself.
i'll try but i can't assure you
i'll reply you when it's ready
I'm currently not working on any theme I'm very busy and going to be more busy in future so I can't say anything now.
BobbyPhoenix's avatar
No prob. Thanks for the hard work.
MacSpeedRacer's avatar
No offense meant to you, but, if that's how Metro looks, I ain't switching to 8...
no the metro is different if you want to taste real metro get a windows phone or install windows 8 release preview and work in metro mode
hamza62240's avatar
gum, bubble gum, It actually is Windows 8 RTM, I guess MS took your style if you did not even know about windows 8 rtm, I know from that you said
"or install windows 8 release preview and work in metro mode".
garfieldhwuh's avatar
Very nice theme, more color schemes would be nice!
Been trying a lot of themes, but this one is best (readability/speed).
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