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Metro Aero

By a2zed
UPDATE 02 :-
-Fixed an issue in the taskitem in windows 7 x64
-Few more improvements in the start menu, taskband
extended UI and rebar.

UPDATE 01 :-8/6/2102
-Taskbar related improvements
-Added blue progress bar theme

1.Patch your system with this tool.

2.Paste the theme into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and apply from personalise option.
© 2012 - 2021 a2zed
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mmowoa's avatar
One of the best themes here. Please make an update for left taskbar.
Oh, found another bug, also in your screen shot, the dwon arrow in the address bar is not Win8 style, but after u click it, it becomes the right one untill u close the window.
but those silly places hardly matter that's why I've ignored them
most of the people access them very rarely
where exactly? also i've ignored few silly places which i'll update soon
Just the down arrow next to the refresh button of the explorer window.
Well, I don't really care, this theme is gud enogh.
oh yeah that i'll do that
thank you
lynnharry's avatar
Another tiny bug. When you right click somewhere, the menu pops up and there's no underline letters indicating Hot Keys.

Thanks for the effort!
can you show me the screen shot?
lynnharry's avatar
Sorry, my fault. I checked other themes and it turns out to be due to Windows settings. It's somehow turned off the other day and I thought it was from your theme. I've decided to use this theme like forever, thanks for the effort!
Back. Great! Everything looks perfect now! thx!
lynnharry's avatar
A REALLY nice theme if you only use transparent color mode. Thanks for your effort, a2zed.

Don't know if want to make if perfect, though. Colors of task-bar and caption bar (active and non-active) maybe a little weird in non-transparent mode.
yes this is basically for transparent mode if you want non transparent check out this one [link]
thank you!
lynnharry's avatar
Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm sorry I didn't see your other themes. That non-transparent one is good, too. It's just that you can't change the color of the theme any more. Maybe the corner problem is just unfixable. Either you make it completely non-transparent or you will have the corner bug.

Maybe one day I'll learn to mix the two version of yours. :nod:
yeah it how windows render the colours and if i change the frame image it'll be bold which is ugly for sure.
anyways i'll see what i can do about that if there is any way around.
MacSpeedRacer's avatar
That's how Metro SHOULD look, imo
it does look like it and in future with RTM more better
PeterRollar's avatar
Very good theme.:clap:
mr4eyes's avatar
Really nice theme. Just one bug to report. When you use Aero peek (by using Win+Space or by hovering the mouse in the bottom right corner), the "ghost windows" look really weird. They have a funky white-ish frame instead of being just transparent like they're supposed to be.
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