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Bibury from Kirakira PreCure a la Mode by a22d Bibury from Kirakira PreCure a la Mode :icona22d:a22d 9 0 Grave from Kirakira PreCure a la Mode by a22d Grave from Kirakira PreCure a la Mode :icona22d:a22d 4 0 Praetorian Xenomorph (Rampage) by a22d
Mature content
Praetorian Xenomorph (Rampage) :icona22d:a22d 5 0
Grid and the Xenomorphs Resurgence
*Taking place couple of Days after Star Twinkle Pretty Cure Episode 12*
*We see a large guy with Ginger hair who is wearing a Hat with Sunglasses, He Wakes up in an Unknown location, It looks Dark, Damp and smells as if it's a underground Sewar*
*He Tries to Move his Arms and Legs but he was unable to, As he is stuck on the Walls in a A Strong Substence that's holding him up there, He remembers how he got this way, He was informing his Filming Crew that they'll be moving to another location for Filming, Until one by one, Members of his Crew where getting taken by unknown hands, And But he was knocked out by a Shock-Rod*
*He then Start's to look around and... Much to his surprise, He has found the members of his Filming Crew, But there was something Strange about them... He see Strange Creatures on there heads covering there faces, They look like Spiders but thy have Tails that are wrapped around there necks, He looks another Who happened to be his Script Writter who has a Much larger o
:icona22d:a22d 2 4
PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 5 by a22d PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 5 :icona22d:a22d 14 0 PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 4 by a22d PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 4 :icona22d:a22d 18 2 PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 3 by a22d PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 3 :icona22d:a22d 22 6 PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 2 by a22d PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 2 :icona22d:a22d 15 0 PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 1 by a22d PreCure All Stars EndGame Spacesuit 1 :icona22d:a22d 14 2 The New Religon Blue and Red by a22d The New Religon Blue and Red :icona22d:a22d 7 2 Happiness Charge PreCure as Pokemon Trainers by a22d Happiness Charge PreCure as Pokemon Trainers :icona22d:a22d 10 2 Vigilante Ayumi Sakagami by a22d Vigilante Ayumi Sakagami :icona22d:a22d 5 4
Miracle Lights No longer working
*At the Alola Pokémon School, Ash, Satoshi and the other Students where checking in on Yana with his Research*
Ash Ketchum: Hay Yana, How are things with the Space ship, From what I've been hearing, You guys had some wild Adventure up into Space.
Mallow: We sure did.
Yana Ketchum: Well, Still doing some Repairs to it... Boy That Miracle Universe is nothing light Me and all of you have ever seen.
Hybrid: Our only Regret on the Rescue Mission to save Kirakira PreCure a la Mode, Hugtto PreCure and the new team Star Twinkle PreCure, Was not taking Go Princess PreCure, Witchy PreCure and You Ash Ketchum.
Kiawe: Yeah, It's a shame you missed out on it.
Ash Ketchum: Yeah, I know, But If me, Haruka and Mirai's Groups where with you, Who would have been helping Stop the Alien Invasion that was Happing here while you al where absent.
Sophocles: A fare point.
*Ash looks around and sees a little want like object with a Star on it*
Ash Ketchum: Is... Is this one of this Miracle Lights PreCure
:icona22d:a22d 1 9
Suger Suger Rune Characters 1 by a22d Suger Suger Rune Characters 1 :icona22d:a22d 8 7 Alexios  Kassandra from AC:Odyssey by a22d Alexios Kassandra from AC:Odyssey :icona22d:a22d 8 2 HEROES UNITED Friends of Ash 2 (Pokemon Earth 3) by a22d HEROES UNITED Friends of Ash 2 (Pokemon Earth 3) :icona22d:a22d 11 4
This is where my Newest Artwork is shown.


COMMISSION: Angelfish by The Sea by jadenkaiba COMMISSION: Angelfish by The Sea :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 530 11 Suu x Miia by bellybuttongoddess
Mature content
Suu x Miia :iconbellybuttongoddess:bellybuttongoddess 42 31
Mermaids - One Piece by Berg-anime Mermaids - One Piece :iconberg-anime:Berg-anime 49 0 Madam Shyarly - One Piece by Berg-anime Madam Shyarly - One Piece :iconberg-anime:Berg-anime 26 0 Shirahoshi - One Piece ep 777 by Berg-anime Shirahoshi - One Piece ep 777 :iconberg-anime:Berg-anime 25 0 Nami and Keimi - One Piece by Berg-anime Nami and Keimi - One Piece :iconberg-anime:Berg-anime 22 0 Brandish mermaid by Berg-anime Brandish mermaid :iconberg-anime:Berg-anime 98 2 Aquarius and Lucy - Fairy Tail Final Series ep 19 by Berg-anime Aquarius and Lucy - Fairy Tail Final Series ep 19 :iconberg-anime:Berg-anime 108 0 Lucy and Brandish mermaids by Berg-anime Lucy and Brandish mermaids :iconberg-anime:Berg-anime 224 11 Undead Friend Genderswap Scene 03 by undeadfriend Undead Friend Genderswap Scene 03 :iconundeadfriend:undeadfriend 10 0 Dragons 3 by SolGravionMegazord Dragons 3 :iconsolgravionmegazord:SolGravionMegazord 4 13 My Ghost by undeadfriend My Ghost :iconundeadfriend:undeadfriend 41 3 Cure Selene Stamp by KittyJewelpet74 Cure Selene Stamp :iconkittyjewelpet74:KittyJewelpet74 16 0
Precure CM compilation (HCPC)
First commercial
*The CM starts with two silhouettes of young teenage girls standing heroically.*
Narrator: Happiness Charge !!
*The silhouettes then reveal themselves to be the two Happiness Charge Precures, Cure Lovely and Cure Princess, before two devices that look like portable mirrors are revealed with cards surrounding them.*
*A set of three cards zooms in to show themselves. Cure Lovely's Precards. In all of it's glory and splendor. Then, the Prechanmirror gets grabbed by a young girl with a brave and heroic gaze on her face.*
The legendary henshin items that are granted to the chosen defenders of the human world !!! The Precards !!!
*Then, a Prechanmirror also shows itself to reveal it's splendor and glory.*
Insert them into the legendary henshin item !!!! The Prechanmirror!!!! It is time for you to fight and protect everyone's happiness !!!!
*The young girl proceeds to insert the Precards into the opened Prechanmirror and closes both sides of the device to make the inserted Pr
:iconmlpfan053:MLPFan053 1 1
Batgirl beyond suit up P4 by ibenz009 Batgirl beyond suit up P4 :iconibenz009:ibenz009 720 50 Batgirl beyond suit up P3 by ibenz009 Batgirl beyond suit up P3 :iconibenz009:ibenz009 565 6



Bibury from Kirakira PreCure a la Mode
Bibury (ビブリー Biburī)

A girl who takes over after Julio loses to the Cures, Bibury was originally a lonely orphan whom Noir recruited while extracting her Kirakiraru and corrupted it into a Kirakiraru-absorbing doll called Iru (イル Iru) which Bibury carries around with her. Following Julio's defeat, Bibury first made herself know in an attempt to sabotage Kirakira Patisserie with ugly yet foolish rumors before being foiled by Yukari and her fangirls. While Iru serves as her enforcer once absorbing enough Kirakiraru to increase its size until defeated, Bibury can merge into her doll to increase its power. When she confronts the Cures to in a final attempt to redeem herself before Noir, Bibury ends being send back in time with them to Ichizoka's past and learned that Noir engineered her solitude to recruit her. Iru then forcefully absorbs a conflicted Bibury to attack the Cures, who defeat the doll as it dissolves back into Bibury's Kirakiraru energies. Bibury later begins working at Ciel's patisserie, supporting the Cures.
Grave from Kirakira PreCure a la Mode
Glaive (グレイブ Gureibu)

A fierce man with a blonde hair who owns a purple car that can absorb Kirakiraru, able to create claydoll minions called Nendos which he can turn into monsters based on the Kirakiraru that his car absorbs. Glaive later has his car absorb the essence of a dying Diable, transforming it into a stronger Diable Custom (ディアブル カスタム Diaburu Kasutamu) car. He then attacks Ichigoza by converting its denizens into Nendos, later merging with his car to fight the Cures until they defeat him with Sweets Castle. Glaive is turned into a card by Elissio. Glaive was revived after Elissio turned Ichigozaka into hos domain, now military garb with the task of quickly exacting any Kirakiraru that manifests to maintain Elissio's ideal order and keep the Cures from regaining their memories. But Pekorin intervened and defeated Glaive while restoring the Cures' memories.

It would be revealed that Grave was the one that Murdered Warchief Vol'jin When he was weakened after He Battled the Pretty Cure All Stars in the Land of Dreams, When he was finally confronted by members of the Horde during Kirakira PreCure's Final battle with Elissio, They wanted to make Grave pay for killing Vol'Jin, However they decided killing him outright was not worth it, And choose to Have him imprisoned in a Cage forever with his Arms and Leg's Broken.

Later in 2019, Grave would find a way to Escape his Prison thanks to the help of his Nendos, Who fixed his legs and Arms, Months later Wanted Posters are placed in Areas with his Face on, This would get the Attention of Dr. Grid and his Xenomorph Followers, Who got there information on him from Bunbee, Dark Magicians, the Three Musketeers (Except Close because he was killed by Turning to Stone and Shattered to Pieces because of Thanos), They where able to Track him Down where the Xenomorphs and Glaive had a Fierce battle, With Henry Being the one to over power him, And mocked him for his Fierce ways, Glaive is eventually Drugged by Grid and Falls out cooled, Later Grave wakes up in a Dark place He is inside a Crate, He realises his Arms and legs had been Amputated off, And has been Buried alive 15 feet underground.
Praetorian Xenomorph (Rampage)
Here is an really strong kind of Alien from the Xenomorph biology, Praetorian's There things serve as the Royal guards to the Queens and Empresses, Even the King himself
As fair as Lala Hagoromo/Cure Milky looked on these things, These things are Strong enough to give a Pretty Cure even a team a run for there money, It would take a Really high-Ranked PreCure to take these things down.

This big guy was born from one of the Abraham's Film-Crew that didn't get on the Deporting-Rocket and was left in the Wild, Unaware that he was impregnated by a Praetorian-Facehugger, Star Twinkle PreCure where able to find him with the help of KiraKira PreCure a la Mode take him to a Hospital, While at the Hospital, He was in the Private Room where he was getting changed so he can be examined, Hours pass and he never came out, Elena and Akira go to see if he's alright but to there horror, He was found Dead with his Chest open as if something busted out with a Trail of blood on the floor heading into a Vent, they go to inform the others even Abraham, And this worries them with Lala and Abraham realising what is going on, Lala informs everyone that We have to Evacuate the Hospital, We have to get everybody out of here, Because if we Don't, Everybody's gonna die, In an Operating Room some Doctor's see the Blood Trail with some Shedding's on the Floor in an and they see a Fully Grown Praetorian Xenomorph towering on them and starts Massacring everyone, The girls sear the Scream coming out of the Operating Room, Abraham and some of the Girls go to get everyone out, While Cure Gelato, Cure Milky with Cure Chocolat go to face the Monster, Cure Milky was horrified that a Xenomorph is on Earth (Worse a Praetorian), It gains the name Rampage for It's battle with the Pretty cures Destroying half the Hospital, Fortunately the Two Cure's get the Better of Rampage when Cure Gelato Switches to her Rage of the Beast mode Absolutely going Toe to toe with Rampage, But Before They could Finish Rampage off, they notice there Respected teams are facing the Notraiders so they go to help them, Giving Rampage the chance to Escape, Later on after he world Find Grid's Band of Xenomorphs and Join up with them. 
*Taking place couple of Days after Star Twinkle Pretty Cure Episode 12*

*We see a large guy with Ginger hair who is wearing a Hat with Sunglasses, He Wakes up in an Unknown location, It looks Dark, Damp and smells as if it's a underground Sewar*

*He Tries to Move his Arms and Legs but he was unable to, As he is stuck on the Walls in a A Strong Substence that's holding him up there, He remembers how he got this way, He was informing his Filming Crew that they'll be moving to another location for Filming, Until one by one, Members of his Crew where getting taken by unknown hands, And But he was knocked out by a Shock-Rod*

*He then Start's to look around and... Much to his surprise, He has found the members of his Filming Crew, But there was something Strange about them... He see Strange Creatures on there heads covering there faces, They look like Spiders but thy have Tails that are wrapped around there necks, He looks another Who happened to be his Script Writter who has a Much larger one of them Spider-like Creatures on his head*

*Abraham became horrified by what he saw because he recognized what those mini monsters are. From his spare time of reading various news articles from the Alliance regarding dangerous space aliens. Including a few in particular which tells of the humans' deadly encounters with a species of dangerous space aliens that were known to be terrifying to those that crossed them.*

Abraham: Facehuggers!!!!! Oh no!!
If those small and frightening monsters are here, then that could mean only one thing. One thing.

*He then starts hearing something lurking in the Darkness, With hissing sounds and Growling sounds, Then shapes start to Crawling towards him, Not the same Spider-Creatures But monster looking Creatures, One walking on Fours*

Abraham:: Oh no... X...X...Xe… Xenomorphs?!

All-Fours: What have we here....

*Another comes Out and is walking on Two legs*

Stalker: It looks like a Really Chubby Human... One that would be perfect be a host for more of our Kind.

*However another one Comes out, This one is slightly higher then the other But looks Stronger*

Henry: This one is different, This must be the one the Boss said... He figured them Fly-Spies proved useful, This one is with that Alliance... the One that sent us them Emails Demanding we leave this Planet....

Abraham: You... Your Boss?

Henry: Yeah, He's non to Pleased, Your Human friends where unfortunate to be hosted... But you are not fit... We know what you really are, Let's send a Message to the Galactic Starscape Alliance, By Ending you hear and Now!

*But Before the Xeno could use is Inner Jaw to Crack his head They had a Voice*

?????: STOP!!!

*the Xenos then stop what they are doing and Back away from Abraham*

?????: Greetings Director Abraham... May I call you Mr Ab?

Abraham: *In a scared and frightened tone of voice* Um. Yes. I am Abraham. You are free to call me, Mr Ab. Good sir.
To whom am I speaking?

*Emerging out of the shadows is another Xenomorph. Only this particular who seems to be the leader is walking upright on two legs. Has several technological cybernetics. On one of it's arms and a metallic blade attached to one end of it's tail. The most distinguishing trait of this Xenomorph is that it's head and shoulders seemed to be covered in green coloured lines which forma bright green grid.*

Grid: What's wrong... Surprised to see Xenomorph's on Planet Earth... Your probably wondering... How did we know where to Get you and know what you are, You may Thank my Fly-Spy *Showing off a Small Camera in the Form of a Mechanical Fly* It has seen and heard everything going on, And I was able to see it on my Wrist Gauntlet with the Latest Technology, Yes, I was a By Product of my own Original life's Research.
What you See here is me, A Xenomorph with minds, One side is Zerra-Khan the Original owner of this Body, And the Genius that transferred his mind into this form to save his own life from death... Doctor Samuel Kandinsky.

*Hearing that name causes Abraham to Recognize who this Xenomorph is*

Abraham: You... I.. I know you!! You're Dr. Grid!!!!
The Galactic Starscape Alliance has been looking everywhere for you!!! You are placed among the highest spots on the organization's most wanted list!!!
This is due to your many crimes which not only compose of you and your accomplices exposing the existence of Xenomorphs to the humans since they do not normally use space travel as a common mode of transportation BUT you also had murdered countless innocent humans in several unprovoked attacks.
When I report this to my superiors at the Galactic Starscape Alliance about you, YOU WILL either spend the rest of your life in a cell or be given the death sentence for your countless murders performed by yourself and your accomplices.

*the Xeno's start hissing at Abraham for saying that*

Grid: Don't give us that, Me and my Friends are doing what is best for our survival....

Henry: Boss... It's clear this idiot is unaware that there have been other Alien Races coming to Earth Before this Galactic Starscape Alliance was Formed.

Grid: So it is clearly Evident, We have a Bone to Pick you G.S.A. Pawn, a Number of our Race have Vanished from Existence... And worse... Our Queen Xegaris (The Alien Queen version from the first AVP movie) along with the other Queens and Empresses have lost contact with the Queen-Mothers.

Stalker: And don't forget you almost sent that Cure-Soul Possessed Girl back to her Planet while she's got a Duty to for fill with her Companions... If the Multi-world Garrison learned of it if you do that Report about us... It will lead to War!!

Abraham: Hey, do not look at me. While I may be a member of the Galactic Starscape Alliance, I am just a low ranking agent. Just doing my job in keeping the existence of aliens classified from the humans for about 100 years. Making cinematic works of art at Hollywood. Other than that, I know nothing of what happened to the vanished members of your brethren and the situation regarding your queen.
Plus, the Star Twinkle Precures had convinced me of their worth as a team. Both to each other and to me. So, in the end, the deal that me and those girls had made sailed smoothly despite a few hiccups here and there. Just so you know, they owe me a few favours for myself going against my superiors and covering them for the sake of their friendship towards each other.

*The Xeno's look at him, Showing they are not caring in the slightest about his Claims*

Grid: Now that is a convincing Story, But At the end of the Day, It doesn't matter to us, The Way we sense it, You are but a Puppet to an Organization that establishes there Rules that Restricts other alien lifeforms of it's freedoms of the Galaxy, You where completely and Stupidly oblivious of that Earth has Not one, but many Visit's from other Aliens right... We can all think of the Yautja for Example, You nearly Sent a Pretty Cure away from the planet they are sworn to Protect and your Secret has gotten these Fellow Film makers killed, You my friend are in a world of Hurt.

Henry: Orders boss?

Grid: I have a Device that can summon that Deportation Ship, Open this guy up, I wanna see what he really is.

*And so Grids Followers start Attacking, Tearing into his Mechanical Body*

*However, once the Xenomorphs are done with tearing apart the poor guy, the Xenomorphs are surprised.*

*Littering the floor were numerous mechanical parts that were part of the human form which serves as the mech suit used by the Miniaturian. However, there was no sign of any alien inside him.*

*This infuriated Grid as Abraham had pulled a fast trick on him and his accomplices.*

Henry: Doctor Grid!!! We tore this guy apart. But, it turns out that he was just a mech suit being controlled by someone. That form is just a disguise used by Abraham like he said.

*All Fours then presented the following parts. Some kind of small, torn open door, several broken levers and a small chair.*

All-fours: We found these parts when we had torn this guy apart. This suggests that Abraham's true form is the pilot for this mech suit.
But, our perp seems to have disappeared!!! There is no sign of our perp's presence from this guy!!! Somehow, he must have escaped from our grasp!!!

*Grid Smiles at this*

Grid: Very clever... There must have been an Escape hatch in the Suit, I'm Impressed Abraham, Able to Outsmart me, And your Running away.... you do know that this Sewer is like an Eternal Maze, You'll be lost forever.... Tell me, What kind of Alien are you to use a suit like this.

*He Presses a Button on a Wall with the Sign saying, Warning Vogon Poems and calls Extreme Pain to the Brain, Grid then turns to a Switch, And activates a Motion Detector on his Gauntlet, And strait away It picks up Abraham's Location*

Grid: there you are Ab... All-Fours, Pick up his location... and don't make a Sound.

All-fours: On it!

*All-fours then Moves so quick it hardly makes a sound, And then... Grid Activates the Speakers playing the Vogon Poem, As the Poem is playing, Abraham's Film-Crew with the Facehuggers on there heads start struggling for the Poem is affecting them And then we go to there Abraham is located for he to is falling victim to the Vogon's Poem for he has nothing to Block his hearing of it*

*At first, it seems that there is no one at the focused spot.*

*But, the camera zooms in to reveal a tiny alien who is trying to run away from his situation. It is Abraham himself. In his true form as a tiny, bite-sized alien called a Miniaturian.*

*Right now, he is using his tiny size to his advantage to hide from the Xenomorphs.*

Abraham: *In his real voice* Okay. Gotta find a way out of this dark, wet and smelly place. Get myself to the surface.
*While he's making a run for it, His head is feeling the Vogon's Poem going into his head, Trying to Resist himself from it*
Hide myself from the Xenomorphs. Request for the Star Twinkle Precures' protection from those terrifying freaks of nature.

*But before he can do anything, He get's Grabbed by a Xenomorph Hand and it belongs to Stalker*

Stalker: Got you... I always wanted to See what a Miniaturian looked like, Your Tech level's are just like that of a Arquillian, Our Boss was expecting you to use that Escape Hatch... BOSS I GOT HIM.

Grid: Good, My Research on these Exo-Suit's was worth it.

Stalker: I'll make sure he doesn't escape my Grasp...

*They notice a ship coming down that looked like the one that almost took Lala and the Two fairies away*

Grid: Ahh just on Time...
*Grid makes it to the Control Panel on the Ship, He makes a little cut on his figure with some of His finger bleeding, He smears the Locks coating them in his Acid Blood melting the Locks off, then he Presses the Buttons and the Rocket opens it's Doors*
Boys, Load that Rocket with some of Our Cargo.

Henry: Yes Boss.

*Henry starts Carrying the Film-Crew with the Facehuggers onto the Rocket, Placing them on Crew Chambers, And then All-Fours Moves Egg's the Queen has been sending them through Teleporters into the Cargo Bay just about twenty of them being placed inside Crates*

Henry: The Stuff's been loaded Boss, this Rocket doesn't need a Pilot nor a Co-Pilot, this thing can fly itself... But it can handle one more Passenger.

*The Xenomorph's start looking at the Miniaturian in Stalker's Tight Grip*

Grid: Well well, Today is your Lucky day... You are gonna be heading back to the Galactic Starscape Alliance's Location, And you won't be alone... Once the Facehuggers are done, They will fall of and Die and your Film-Crew will wake up, And while your all on your way to your destination, they will see you for what you Truly are, And by the Time you reach your Location.... there time's will be up, And the Creatures will free themselves from them, And they will take care of things from there.

*Once Grid had revealed what he is gonna do next, Abraham was struck speechless out of fear as the tiny alien's eyes had widened out of fear as Grid smiled evilly as the Xenomorph mad scientist chuckled evilly and showed it's rows of sharp teeth.*

*Grid then picks up a Camera facing Abraham With Him showing what Remained of Abraham's Machine Exo-Suit and Faces Abraham*

Grid: Okay... We are gonna let you go free, But first Say your confession in this Recording Camera, Tell the Camera that Me Dr Zerra-Khan Grid and my Fellow Xenomorph's Refuse to Obey the Will's of Tyrants that see themselves as law Enforcers, They have made some powerful Enemies among Xenomorph kind... and possibly the Yautja's since Earth is usually there favourite Hunting Planet in the Summer, Also... You have a Little Surprise for them in this Ship.

Abraham: What... No,!!! They'll believe I Betrayed the GSA!!!

Grid: Do it... Or We'll Break every single Bone in your body...

*Abraham hesitates for his is in an impossible situation, But Gives up*

Abraham: Alright.... You win... I'll do as you say...

Grid: Good... Henry... Hold the Camera... I'll repair his Human Body...

*As Abraham starts doing as Grid, Grid himself with the assistance of All-Fours, Repairs the Exo-Suit that belongs to Abraham, Also adds a Tracker so he'll always know what he's upto*

*Later Grid Put's the Recording next to one of the Facehuggered Film-Crew, To make sure the Rocket stays on Auto-Pilot's Grid destroys the control-Consule, And then leaves the Rocket, then He get's Abraham to sent the Rocket to outer-space so it can go to where the Galactic Starscape Alliance is located*

Abraham: There... I've done as you Ask... am... Am I free to go now?

Grid: Yes... You may go... But Don't you dare try to Rat us out to Anyone... Nor your Pretty Cure Friends, Not even that Lala girl you spoken of, Should you Do, We will find you again, And next time... You'll be on the Body count list.

*Abreham Starts to walk off*

Grid: That should keep them Busy for a while.

Henry: Boss... Aren't you worried they might retaliate for this little Attack on onw of there Agents?

Grid: Not to worry, That's why We put our Cargo in the ship... They will look after themselves from then on.... Come my Boys... We've got work to do.

(The End???)
Grid and the Xenomorphs Resurgence
With the Help of MLPFan053's RPing Skills, We put this together, A Mini Tie-in story for Star Twinkle PreCure that Brings in everyone's Faourite and feared Aliens in the Galaxy... The Xenomorphs Lead by Grid.... and it looks like they have a Bone to pick with Director Abreham.


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MLPFan053 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 8, 2019
News from abroad, a22d.

Since Akihito, the current emperor of Japan, is finally stepping down from his throne on Labor Day (May 1 2019) so that his son, Naruhito will succeed him, the new era of Japan has officially gotten a name, the Reiwa Era.

Showa Era/Emperor Hirohito (1926-1989)
Heisei Era/Emperor Akihito (1989-2019)
Reiwa Era/Emperor Naruhito (Starting from 2019)

Meaning behind name: Culture is born and nourished as people's hearts are drawn beautifully together.

A short video regarding said birth of a new era in Japan is below.…

All 55 Precure All Stars (Max Heart, Splash Star, Yes ! 5 Go Go, Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, Smile, Doki Doki, Happiness Charge, Go ! Princess, Mahou Tsukai, Kira Kira A La Mode, Hugtto!) (Heisei Era Precures)

Star Twinkle Precures onwards (Reiwa Era Precures)
a22d Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Ahh Thank you for bringing that up my friend.
MLPFan053 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2019
Hey, a22d.

You familiar with the anime, Code Geass ? If so, did you watch the entire two seasons of the anime, R1 and R2 ?

Just asking.
a22d Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
I've heard of Code Geass, But truth be told, I never watched the entirety of it.
MLPFan053 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2019
Oh. So, i take it that you're not that much of a fan of the anime series ?
a22d Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Can’t say that I am, Sorry, And... I feel like need a Break from doing Artwork after the PreCure Picture I did, So I can focus on some Assassins Creed games, If it’s okay with you?
(1 Reply)
Gojira012 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2019
are you gonna see shazam
a22d Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
MLPFan053 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2019
Say, a22d.

I have a question. I STILL can't get the image of the events of Hugtto! Precure 048 out of my head !!!! Particularly the part where everyone in Hagukumi City gets transformed into a Precure !!!!

That event is truly an unforgettable event in the human world's recent history regarding the Precures.

What do you think the 50 Precure All Stars that came BEFORE the Hugtto! Precures would react to this kind of spectacular and amazing event ?!
a22d Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Well that is an interesting question, I'd be something even Cure Elder and Cure Younger would not see coming, But the only one would see it coming was Cure Queen, For I believe a long time ago, She might have lead some Cure Souls to inhabit the Area that would eventually become Hagukumi City when Time went by, I'd believe the All Stars Pantheon would be surprised but Glad at the same time, My head cannon would be that the Cure Soul's that are the People Hagukumi City  where the ones that Discovered earth During the Time where the Gods where worshiped.

If Toei Bothered to make the all Star movies Canon to the Shows, It might say that Precure's Japan is slightly Larger then our Real one, Hence why there that many cities and towns in it.

That's my head canon so It would make sense to me, What's your head canon about this whole thing?
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