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a0x uTorrent icons set 1.0

This set contains all icons needed for µTorrent []. To use this icons set, put *.bmp and *.ico files in %AppData%/uTorrent directory, or in µTorrent if you store Your settings there. Finnaly restart µTorrent!

If you want to use main icon also as tray icon, make a copy of main.ico, remane it to tray.ico and place in %AppData%/uTorrent or µTorrent directory.

File icon must be set in Windows filetype settings!

● tools: Adobe Photoshop CS, @icon sushi, AlphaConv
● work time: 04:30
● filetype: bmp, ico
© 2007 - 2021 a0x
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can u change exe icons? like the utorrent one to my left in my avatar? ive tried changing an older version of utorrent that doesnt have a install directory so ive nowhere to put icons in the first place, the icon that is stored in the exe utorrent file is too small and really bad quality i want to be able to deleted the embed icon and insert that icon to my left, so it will look nice on my ObjectDock on my dektop. hope for a reply. thanks alot
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umm yea, this are totally epic do0d! :D

thank you
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Thanks, very nice.
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Very nice icon set!
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Can you tell me how to replace file icon Windows filetype settings?
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I don't know, I forgot, I switched to Linux :P
jasam's avatar
I'm on dual boot :boogie:
Thanks anyway
deLtadeep's avatar
Great work, I'am using these icons for now on.... :+fav:
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FSDown's avatar
Very nice! Will be using this! :+fav:
isomerboy's avatar
cute :)
I hope that you make icons for emule.
MoltenTessaract's avatar
Wow! amazing! Do you think you could make a utorrent .torrent file icon?

that would be awesome.
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I'm glad you like it ;-) .torrent file icon is already included in this set.
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Took me about 5 mins to find the right place to put them, but it was well worth it. Great work. :D
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pocketkocurek's avatar
bardzo bardzo cacy ci to wyszlo... moze teraz jakis set w stylu visty ;)?
a0x's avatar
w stylu visty nie robie, wszyscy robia w stylu visty, chyba nie trzeba wiecej:D
natov's avatar
Świetne ikony, właśnie je sobie zapodałem :]
a0x's avatar
Proszę bardzo!:)
serVI's avatar
My uTorrent is looking this way now: uTorrent Screenshot

:D Thanks!
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Btw, Nice looking set of icons
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