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Lamia Victoria

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And here we are once again to who knows how many original characters left I can think of before I am fully satisfied with myself and not do anymore new ones for the sake of my sanity. :faint:
This time we have Victoria, the nemesis of Aquamarine. She is not a downright villainess, probably an anti-villainess.
I mean she is willing to live a normal life on the countryside with her plants, her criminal acts so far only consist of feeding pedophiles to her carnivorous plants which, in other words, is murder... ... ...
Anyway, Lamia Victoria is here to stay.
General Character Information


Name: Victoria

Nickname(s): Silver Lamia

Age: Unknown (Looks 25-30)

Species: Human (Former), Lamia (Current)

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight (Formerly), Les (Currently)

Birthday: May 25th

Life Story: Victoria was once the queen of Greece back in the ancient era. She was doing her usual job as a queen, sentenced a pedophile to death by having him being thrown to a pit where a python lies. That night, a stranger visited Victoria in her own bedroom. This stranger is a witch, the mother of the pedophile. She cursed Victoria, turning her into a Lamia. To further punish her, she was also given immortality and eternal youth so that she will live for eternity, not knowing that she also gave Victoria the ability of Chlorokinesis due to her rage. Unable to face her people, Victoria ran away, never returning to her kingdom.

Centuries passed, Victoria lived a rather long lonely life, her only companions being plants. There were many times she tried to settle down normally but could not because of her appearance. That was until one day she learned how to change back into a human again which she was glad about but Victoria was too bitter to feel happy. Even then, Victoria continued living until modern times which she even managed to get herself a job as a Biology teacher in the US, settling down in the countryside and also kidnapping pedophiles whenever she comes across any and feeds them to her carnivorous plants. Little did she know, Victoria found herself a nemesis by the name of Aquamarine who keeps getting in her way from time to time, the latter who knows who Victoria is but Victoria does not know Aquamarine’s true identity.

About Him/Her

Personality, Good Habit(s), Bad Habit, Like(s) & Dislike(s) & Hobbies:
Back in the Victorian Era, Victoria was a wise and fair queen who fights for justice. However, due to her curse, Victoria became very bitter, unable to let go of her hatred due to how much time she has wasted even though she learned how to transform back into her human appearance again.

In current modern times, Victoria learned to get along with modern time humans especially girls and women though she still hates men but she could tolerate little and teenage boys. She’s very caring of plants and dislikes it when people are planning to harm them.

Not much is known about her good or bad habits but she does have a habit of not interacting with her fellow teachers much, preferring to be alone. Instead, she took a liking to a student named Kiyomi whom she fell in love with even though she is still 16 years old but Victoria did not care as she can wait due to her immortality. Unknown to her, Kiyomi is the superheroine named Aquamarine, her nemesis who is a thorn on her side but even then, she is still friendly and polite towards said nemesis.

Fear(s): People discovering her Lamia appearance and also plants being destroyed

Strength(s) & Weakness(es): Victoria has a very strong heart, able to endure extreme loneliness which would result in her becoming insane which she instead prevailed against. Her weakness is her deep hatred of mankind but mostly men especially if they are pedophiles. The witch responsible for cursing her may be a woman but Victoria could not help but like women even after all that.

Special Powers/Abilities:
Bilingual: Victoria mainly speaks English but she has interest in the Japanese language so she learned it since ancient times when shoguns, ninjas and such still existed.

Extraordinary Strength: Victoria is stronger than an average human due to the fact that she is a Lamia.

Eternal Youth: As part of her curse, Victoria will never age, forever looking young.

Immortality: Also part of her curse, Victoria can never die although she can still feel pain.

Chlorokinesis: Victoria has the ability to control plants which makes her a formidable foe if fought with. However, she can only do so when plants are around or present. She also knows when and if her plants are hurt, like telepathy but only if they are within range and she cannot teleport at will, much to her dismay.

Ropework: Due to her constant run in with Aquamarine, Victoria took her time to research Aquamarine’s weaknesses. After achieving her answers, she learns how to do ropework and collects Ecto-Insulated ropes for usage on Aquamarine should they ever meet each time. Victoria would usually follow up by coiling up Aquamarine or even use roots to wrap her up as electricity does not work against wood.

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: Victoria has a life-long dream of wanting to live a normal life once again but accepted the fact that such a dream will not ever come if not anytime soon

Occupation/Job: Queen of Greece (previously), Biology Teacher (currently)

Best Class(es): English & Japanese languages, Biology

Worst Class(es): Other Academic subjects that don't interest her

Family and Friends

Parent(s): None

Sibling(s): None

Relative(s): None

Pet(s): None

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: (Refer to artwork)

Blood Type: Unknown

Height: 6 feet

Weight: ???

Outfit(s): (Refer to artwork)

Accessories: Gold Choker

Makeup: None

Scent: Scent of Plants

Hairstyle(s): Long hair

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: None

Appearance [if you don't have a picture, just delete this]: (Refer to artwork)

Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote(s):
"Away with pedophiles!"
“Nice of you to drop by~”

Favorite Food(s): Chicken

Favorite Color(s): Silver

Favorite Number(s): 6

Favorite Season(s): Spring

Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas

Favorite Time of Day: Night
Software used:
Paint Tool SAI
Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
WACOM Tablet Bamboo Model
Victoria (c) :iconmaidenseeker:
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