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Just wanted to share some of the manga and light novels I'm picking up. There would be a couple of others on the list but they have ended and thus, decided not to include them. The list for me are...

Light Novels

Konosuba (plus spin-offs)

The Hero Is Overpowered But Overly Cautious


Dragon Ball Super

My Hero Academia (plus spin-offs)


Demon Slayer (Picked up the final volume but missing 8 volumes of the series)

Cells At Work: Code Black

Was considering picking up One Piece but the sheer length of the series is a huge deterrent because unfortunately I only have so much room. One series I will be picking up in the future is one called Four Knights Of The Apocalypse. For those unaware, that series is a sequel to the Seven Deadly Sins that so far hasn't been printed outside of Japan. Hopefully they will begin soon, but since there were many spin-offs to the series, I do have my doubts.

So those are my current manga/light novels I'm picking up. Do you get any of these titles and which ones do you pick up. Let me know in the comments section if you wish and have a great rest of your day.

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One Piece I recommend recovering it despite its length because it is really great (even it doesn't have many giantesses that appear inside, for now).

while if you like exaggerated fights I recommend:

Baki the Grappler, Record of Ragnarok, Kengan Ashura (and the sequel) and Hokuto No Ken

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Yeah, have heard that it is really good. Those series do sound pretty cool


oh yes they are , even if the last two in some ways are a bit repetitive as a scheme , but they have something to say (especially Hokuto no Ken)

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Which ones are those?

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The ones that you said were a bit repetitive

the last 2 for certain dynamics they are , but trustworthy it is absolutely worth reading them

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Ok, thanks for that.

Seen a few that I would pick up if they ever release them in English.

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Yeah, it is a manga that has giantess material but is NSFW

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Not safe for work

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Yeah, let's just say it's a series that isn't intended for youngsters. it's a good series but can be really weird

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I see.

What's it about?

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It is quite weird and difficult to explain. Part of it is a porn star who gains the ability to grow in size

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gigant is getting slept on, would love a anime adaptation

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So would I but I think the nudity might be a problem.

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I'm sure they will uncensor it in the blu ray release

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Indeed, the series is good as well... but can be weird at times.

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